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Go inward to change the outward.

Reality is a direct reflection of you. You may not want to believe it however it believes in you. ‘What ever you put out you will attract’ that is the basis of the Law of Attraction. It is all about vibrations.

Still, that notion may not land with everyone. That is why we have created this blog. To help you grasp all the things that influence your vibration. Things that you wouldn’t even think about. Beliefs in your subconscious that you have been programmed to follow.

We wish for this blog to be a sense of clarity for you. To give you tools to turn you inward and focus on your alignment. To focus on raising you vibration.

Tools so you can go inward to remember who you are and have life reflect your true beautiful self.

Emotions are energy in motion.

When your positive emotions in tune with aligned action.

Life magic will be an common in your reality.

Check in for weekly posts on all things positive.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

Be kind.

When you focus on kindness to yourself it will become instinct to spread kindness into the world.

Be well.

Check in with the vibrational scale to see where you are in life. Your state of well-being is the life you are living.


You journey is your own. The only person that has to understand it is YOU. So just smile for you are a your SUPERHERO!


Bekindbewellsmile was started by best friends who believe in spreading kindness and positivity into the world.