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My First Blog Post

our story

Greetings to all!

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to check out our blog.

We are two chicks who wish to make a difference in the world by spreading love, positivity and smiles.

Our best friend journey started over 20 years when we met in Boca Raton, Florida working at Wilt Chamberlain’s Restaurant. A bond was created with each of us believing that no matter what we should always be kind.

Coming from such different backgrounds; her born and raised in South Florida; me Trinidadian-American from Connecticut; it was amazing that our morals we exactly the same.

We both had read ‘The Secret’ and who hearted believed in the ‘law of attraction’.

Meditation entered our lives and we lived had the understanding the what we put out, will come back to us.

We are both mindful of only putting out good into the world.

3 years ago; a car accident led to one half of the best friend duo into a weird period of their life.

A dark place.

Not ready to believe this Universe was nothing but benevolent, the best friends needed to understand why this contrast was occurring.

A desire was created to collect the tools to keep us in a positive mindset.

Enter Abraham Hicks.

The discovery of Ester Hicks and Abraham lead to so much more education of the human experience. A library of information to wake you up.

We learned to go with in to understand and eventually, create what our outside reality is.

Our journey is has been amazing and we are grateful for every moment. That is what we wish for you. Life is about feeling good no matter what, because that is why we are here.

‘Your vibe is your tribe’- unknown

The vibration you give off is exactly who you are.

As human beings we give off a vibration.

For what you give off is what you will attract.

That is why we started this blog.

To put out information so you can education yourself and do what is best for you.

We are reporters of all things ‘law of attraction’.

Our wish the info we provide will help you live a better feeling, authentic YOU life!


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