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Don’t rush the journey, it is what life is about.


You have made the decision to raise your vibration, yet nothing has changed.

It used to piss us off.

Until, Abraham Hicks reminded us about contrast, the journey and feeling good.

Feeling good is the key to raising your vibration.

The best way to start out is start small and savor the moments when you become aware of the changes in your life.

Trying to achieve everything all at once is actually kind of boring.

If you read about any successful individual, they all reminisce about the journey. They relish in delight about the steps they took to get where they are at the current moment.

Yes. It was challenging. They persevered and achieved their goal.

So, can you.

The key is not to overwhelm yourself with drastic changes.

Make the small ones count.

Our first small decision was starting each day with gratitude.

What small alteration can you make in your daily life that prompts a more positive mindset?


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