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Shout out to Mel Robbins!

My introduction to Mel Robbins was on YouTube. Her video popped up because of all the ‘Law of Attraction’ videos I am constantly consuming.

High five to the YouTube algorithm! You got it right!

The first video that struck a note with me is 54321 method.
Sounds silly right?
How could a countdown improve my life?
And how can it be related to the ‘Law of Attraction?

The connection (in my opinion) is that the ‘Law of attraction’ gives us the understanding that your brain is trying to protect you.
Hence, when you hesitate to make a decision; your brain says,
“Hey! This must not be good for me”
The brain goes straight to emotion of fear. The fear then prevents you from taking action.
This is moment 54321 comes into play.

You can out smart your own brain.
Mel Robbins theory is that, by introducing the countdown of 54321 interrupts that habit.
That habit of hesitating.
That of making a decision out of fear.
Counting backwards triggers you to take action.

We must not forget that ‘Law of attraction’ has the word action in it.
(The best kind of action to take is aligned action).
Yet, if you are too scared to take any kind of action nothing will change for you.

The 54321 method (in my opinion) is the perfect tool to help you move the needle.
Starting small is the key.
I tried this for about a month.

After a car accident in 2017 I was diagnosed with PTSD with agoraphobia.
It sucked. I was waiting for knee surgery for about 8 months.
I was so nervous about making my injuries worse that I barely left my room.
I started using the method to open my bedroom door when my roommate was home so I can have human interaction.
I used it get out of bed and sit out on the patio.
I used it just take a shower.
It worked!

And of course, The Universe showed me how benevolent it is every single time.
This year, the Universe once again brought that video back into my life.
There is still some contrast happening because of the accident.
Habits from that time period is resurfacing.
And thanks to Mel Robbins 54321 theory. I can navigate the contrast much easier this time.

I encourage you all try it!
This week I am using the method to not pick up my phone first thing in the morning and check my email or social media. After I do that I mediate.
Crazy right.
I actually rationalized looking at email or social media first because my meditation music is on my phone. (silly me)
I decided to put meditation first before social media or emails with the help of the 54321 method.
It feels going pretty good.

Don’t take my word for it.
Try it!
Start with something small.
Mel Robbins gave the example of hitting the snooze button.
I know that example resonates with a lot of folks.
But, it’s up to you.

The only thing you have to loose is a habit that is not serving you.

There is a link below to the video I saw that impacted my life so much.
And no worries it is less than 20 minuets.

I hope this adds value into your lives.
Thanks for letting US share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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