The small decisions should be celebrated.

Hi Friends!

Happy Memorial Day 2020!

As the USA celebrates Memorial Day, I am compelled to also remind ourselves to celebrate the small decisions that are raising our vibrations.

Its funny thou…

Because usually the benefit of replacing decision with a new decision isn’t always recognized; at first.


Most likey it is because you are not really paying attention.

Let me give you an example.

You wake in the morning and you decide to be solution minded all day long because you want to have a great day. No matter what the problem is you will process the problem, then focus on the solution (not the problem).

All day long that is what you do. No matter what the contrast your focus is on the solution. You continue to do this continuously during the week.

Every day, you just go with the flow, focusing on being solution minded.

Now, here is the question.

Have you stopped to pat your self on the back?

Have you been documenting (via gratitude journal or in mediation) how amazing you are doing? Are you aware how these small steps are raising your vibe?

Usually not. That is because we are usually focused on what we want to manifest.

The thing is… if you aren’t aware of the positive decisions that are leading you to become a better person you will always assume you are in the same place.

The most likely culprit is that what you want to manifest isn’t coming quickly or in the way you imagined it.

However, it is still showing up!

But! I am here to tell you folks it is.

Those decisions you are making are lifting you if you are awake enough to notice.

The more you are open to receiving the more will come.

So let your mind, soul and vision be open.

Don’t stifle yourself with only one path to lead you to your desires. Stay fluid with the understanding the Universe has your back.

Celebrate the small victories.

Allow yourself to feel good in the knowing what you want is coming.

Have fun with the journey.

Let the Universe show you its sweet tooth.

Thanks for letting us share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!

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