When you make a decision is it for you or everyone else?

One of the best messages I found in my law of attraction journey; is that you gotta make decisions that serve you.

I found that information at first, to be challenging.

I have a son and would always base my decision on what I thought he needed.

Until…I realized that all my preaching to my son really didn’t matter. It was my actions that he was learning from.

I made a decision and I started to change.

The evidence of that mindset shift I made in my 20’s (I am currently 47) is evident today.

I proudly watch my son never give up on his dreams and choose to feel good over fitting in.

Right now, that same message I discovered so long ago is trending.

“Make sure make decisions that will serve you.”

That message is exactly what I reiterating in this post.

While adding; ‘be conscious of your decisions and how they will impact your inner peace’.

For once that message lands with you.

The feeling of freedom is intoxicating.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!

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