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Finding gratitude is finding YOU.

I had always had a weird relationship with the word gratitude. It stems from being told that I was ungrateful by my parents during my younger years. See, parents tend get mad when that children should just don’t ‘get it’ about how hard they work to give us (their children), things they never had. (It never occurred to my parents to communicate their point of view.)

So when we break something or not respond with this blind gratitude for certain things that they seem norm (for a small child). Negative reinforcement always ensued.

That negative reinforcement in this case was the chant;

‘You are so ungrateful.’

It took me a long time to really understand what it means to be grateful. I associated gratitude with a sense of debt.

Like, I did you a favor now you have to do me one.

Doing something nice for someone point. It was a power play.

Action was never from the heart.

Eventually, I learned differently.

The book ‘The Secret’ really made me take pause and look at my relationship with gratitude.

‘The Secret’ really encouraged that the gratitude state be the fore front of spiritual practice.

I tried it out.

I started small.

Each morning, I listed 5 things I was a grateful while in the shower.

Next, I challenged myself to help change my mindset by focusing on one thing to be grateful for everytime I reached for my chapstick. (And I have a wicked chapstick addition).

I tried some more stuff which I will list in another post coming soon and listed in our ebook ‘Raise your vibration in 21 days’ available on all platforms.

These tiny adjustments really tuned me into the vibration of gratitude.

And oh…did it feel good.

As time passed, it became easier and easier to move into the gratitude state.

I began to notice that; the more grateful I felt, the more I sought out things that that added to my gratitude.

Simply put. ‘My mind shifted to focus on what made me happy.’

Do you get it?

Is what I am trying to say making sense?

Like attracts like.

“When you focus on the good. The good gets better.” -Abraham Hicks

As you focus on what makes you happy; you will start focusing on your dream.

Because the majority of humans associate their happiness with the fulfillment of their dreams.

Focusing on your dream will give you clarity on how to achieve it.

Wanna try a something fun?

Try scripting.

Scripting is an awesome way to visual your dream.

We will dive more into scripting next time.

Now today!

We hope we gave some insight on how gratitude can lead you on the path to aligning with YOU (or as we like to call it, your HIGHER SELF).

As you align with your higher more frequently your vibration will rise.

As your vibration rises so will the self love. As your self love awareness rises you will be able to hear and see your path for you will believe you deserve it.

You deserve YOUR version of happiness.

How you feel and think now shapes your future.

So…the question is; what do you want your future to look like?

Meditate on that.

If you can have anything you want. Be who you really want to be. What would you be doing? What would that future look like?

Meditate on that.

And then check back soon as we chat about scripting. A tool using gratitude to focus on your dreams.

Thank you for letting us share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!

Scripting is a Law of Attraction technique where you write a story about your life based on how you want it to be. … Scripting requires you to write your story as if it has already happened, focusing on how you would feel when your desire manifested.” (Thank you Google)

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