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The Art of Scripting

If you are in the law of attraction world then you might of heard about scripting. If you haven’t; well then…let me give you the cliff notes.

Scripting is writing/journaling is speaking and writing what you want to manifest ‘as if’ you already have it.

With the most important component, GRATITUDE.

The words you are writing are a reflection of how grateful you are for this manifestation has already shown up.

By scripting ‘as if’ you are telling your subconscious that it is true. Your subconscious then will lead you to that desire because it is perceiving it as truth. #quantumphysics

“You are the creator of your reality’.

The more you feel it.

The quicker you manifestations will come.

The quicker your manifestations come, the higher your vibration is.

The higher your vibration. ✨🦄✨

The more you are in alignment with your higher self.

Win! Win! Win!🌟

Here are even More benefits to scripting.

  1. You focus on your future.
  2. You focus on gratitude.
  3. You sharpen your visualization skills
  4. You get into alignment more often

Sounds good right.

Feels good too.

The only thing you need is a pencil or pen, paper and your imagination.

It is recommended to start scripting in the morning. The earlier the better.

I personally script after I meditate. It is an easy addition to my morning gratitude practice. Which is writing down 5 things I am grateful for in that moment. (It usually ends up being more than 5 things).

After gratitude, I get my cup of coffee and sit back down again and start scripting.

The way I start my scripting is:

‘I am so happy and grateful, now today, that I have received (for example) my awesome new Mac Pro rose gold laptop.

Now, after you specify what is your desired manifestation, go into detail. Don’t limit yourself. Let go and feel it. Express how it will make you feel to have this manifestation evolve in your life.

Example: I love having this new Mac Pro Rose Gold laptop, it feels good that I have a way to write more content to spread positivity into the world.

Next be grateful to your higher power, your belief is the name you use. I like to say Source Energy.

Example: I am so grateful to you Source Energy working with me to bring my desires into my current reality.

The last tip that I learned about scripting was from Ashley Ducey.

Her video on YouTube gave me a clear understanding on how to script.

There is no shortage of videos out there so please do your own research.

Ashley Ducey’s is my favorite.

Here is the link

And…one last thing. Focus only on one thing for a couple of days or a week. Then let it go.

Yes! Just like the song from #Frozen.

Let it go.

Trust that it is going to happen.

The Universe has your back.

Thank you for letting us share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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