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10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.

Hi Friends!

Everyone is always talking about how being grateful is one of the secrets to living a happier life.

This is very true.

The more you are grateful; the more things for you to be grateful for will flow into your life.

We usually limit of gratitude work to a morning or night routine.

That is how we can help.

As I started on my journey to raising my vibration; I knew I had to incorporate more of my gratitude practice into my waking day.

I wanted to give myself reminders to be in the present moment.

‘To stop and smell the roses’

I used the following 10 tools to give me pause and be grateful.

10. Set reminders on my phone

The majority of us are attached to our phone. Set the reminder for a couple times a day so that you stop look around and mentally be grateful for 3 things.

9. Window

Each time you look out the window, stop and mentally be grateful for the day. The fact that you are here today.

8. When you pee.

We all do it. Some of us many many times a day (I drink a lot of water). Each time you relieve yourself try being thankful that there was a bathroom close. Or that the bathroom is clean. Or that there is toilet paper.

7. Driving

Driving is a great time to be grateful. Being grateful for your car is obvious. How about each time you stop at a red light, take a breath and be grateful for one thing.

6. Code word

Instead of a drinking game have a gratitude game. Pick one word in the morning like ‘sunshine’ and every time you hear it during your day, take a moment and be grateful.

5. Pets

I love my cat Henry J. Every time I look at him I am grateful for him coming into my life. This is easy for a fur parent. If you don’t own a pet, I am pretty sure you still see fur babies every where you go. If you eye land choose gratitude. Before Henry joined me I would look at my roommate’s cat and be grateful that he is so cute and loving. And a good source of entertainment. (there is a reason cat videos are so popular on YouTube)

4. Every time you wash your hands

We are washing our hands way more than usually. If you make a conscious decision to be grateful every time you wash your hands you will expressing gratitude multiple times.

3. Water

Each time you drink, be grateful for the clean water you are drinking.

2. When you turn on a light

As night approaches you flip the light switch right? Perfect time to be grateful (grateful for the electricity in your home.



You think I am crazy right. But, it is 2020 we are in the middle of a pandemic. We are all watching tv. Every single time I turn on the tv I am grateful that I have it. I am grateful for the wifi (I don’t have cable). I am grateful that my favorite show is on.

The point is to be grateful for the things in your life that already make you feel good.

I didn’t add my major tool of gratitude through out the day because I am not sure if the majority of the world is like this.

However…I am down to share… here it is…

I am an avid user of chapstick. Its my little tick. I am not a shamed.

Every single time I apply that moisturizing substance to my lips. I am grateful.

With that being said. I am extremely grateful a whole lot during the day! Especially, now, I am in South Florida and it is HOT!!!

Let Us know how you include gratitude during the day.

With your responses we can create another list to share.

As for today…thank you so much for letting us share our ways for including gratitude into our daily lives.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

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