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Self-kindness = Open-minded

It’s true!

The more you focus on being nicer to yourself you will be more open minded. How you may ask?

Easily, you just stop giving a f**k about others people’s journeys.

You support them and don’t judge them.


Once you stop judging yourself your empathy meter cranks up.

It is that simple and that complex.

The first action to take is making a conscious decision to be nicer to yourself.

The beginning stages of my self talk awareness; I noticed that, I referred to myself as ‘goober’ when I was wrong.

Goober was my passive aggressive way of calling myself stupid.

Which meant, every time I referred to myself as ‘goober’ I was telling myself subconscious that ‘I am stupid’.

However, when I reference myself as Goofy, well…thats a compliment.

I have since shifted that perspective. I am nicer to myself so, I am not afraid of being wrong.

Plus…There is a rooted understanding that; ‘EVERYONE’S JOURNEY IS THEIR JOURNEY’

Life would be so boring if we were all one the same path. (just saying)

Also, If you don’t vibe with a person, people or environment; it is easier to move on with kindness.

Anger becomes an emotion to learn from.

A deep breath before a reaction becomes a pattern.

A simple pause becomes a moment to ‘check in with that ego’.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but my major goal is to be ZEN with oneself.

You know… become a cool entity like Matthew McConaughey. (I feel like I am getting close)

Do you dig it?

Oh right!

Now for the complex part.

The more you observe your self talk you realize how much of a jerk you were to yourself, you be all like


Check yourself with that. You don’t want to start beating yourself up for the past. (It’s a thing. A lot of us do it)

Meditation is the way to becoming aware of your thoughts.

For this hack let’s approach mediation in a different way. Don’t try and clear your mind. Observe it. Don’t become attached to thoughts.

Witness them.

When you feel like you are engaging on a thought, focus on your breath.

The more you do this type of mediation the quicker you become aware of your thoughts.

Enabling you to catch your subconscious self-talk in the moment.

Presence in the moment.

Cool right?

All of this fun will adds to living life with more gratitude. With gratitude of Oneself being the catalyst for a understanding of EVERYONE.

Isn’t that awesome!

All of this leads up to raising your vibration!

Fun right!!!!!!!

I recommend trying this for 21 days.

It is a great way to raise your vibration.

The higher your vibe the more you smile.

The more you smile.

The happier you shall be.

Thanks for letting us share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!

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