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Feeling low? Well… How did you start your day?

Feeling low?

Well…what is your morning routine?

Did you stick with it this morning?

Mel Robbins one of my favorite mindset coaches can often be heard speaking about the morning routine.

During a recent clip on; she was speaking to someone about why sometimes the day doesn’t go well.  She posed the question for us to ask ourselves: “One the days we were feeling low if we had altered our morning routine?”

That question in conjunction that a morning routine had already been established.

If you want to be successful and live your dream life, your morning routine should be your one of your top priorities.

Don’t believe me.

Google morning routine.

Head over to type in ‘morning routine’.

Check if your favorite motivational speaker morning routine. 

I bet they have spoken, vlogged or written about it.   

If you have read any book about habits of successful people; morning habits are a chapter.


Because every day is a new day.  

A new point of attraction.

That is why successful people get up earlier than most.  

They use that quiet time in the world to focus on themselves and their happiness.

We also use that time to focus on how they want the upcoming day to go.

I tested this theory of a patterned morning routine effects.

I decided Sunday is a good day.

I made the decision not to do anything work related on a Sunday. 

Easy I thought, I will just include, excluding my morning routine this Sunday. 

Side note…my morning routine includes meditation.

Sunday, I did not wake up and meditate.

Nor did I write in my gratitude journal.


The entire morning, I was in a low vibration.

I felt just ‘ok’.

I didn’t like that feeling.

I lasted until noon.

When I couldn’t take it anymore; I took a nap and started the day over again.

Needless to say…

The afternoon felt so much better.

“It’s all about feeling good.”

  • Abraham Hicks

Enough about me.

What is your morning routine?

Are you giving yourself a couple of moments when you rise to set the tone for the day?

Are you allowing yourself to turn the dial to the frequency of your dreams or nightmares?

I am not going to tell you what your morning routine should be.  

That is up to you.

However, one of the most important things is meditation.

Meditation is also one of the common threads to success and a dream life.

Understanding how you define yourself is one of the secrets to opening your mind.

Each night as you sleep is an opportunity to reset.

Wake up set your intention allow your path to reveal itself.

‘We are what we think about.  Energy flows where attention goes.’

– Rhonda Byrne

Let that statement land with you for a minute.

Next ask yourself the questions.



Thank you for letting me share.


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