What is your emotional age?

Ever wonder what your emotional age is?

Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure is coming out soon and it got me thinking?

I wonder how many people actually think about their emotional age.

The context I am using emotional age is, how you ‘come at’ things.  

How you respond.

Do you approach people and situations with the knowledge of the experiences in your life?

Or do you come at circumstances as that 13-year-old whose parents got divorced.

There are tons of movies on this topic.  

Namely the character that ‘peaked’ in high school.

During the early days of my personal development journey I posed this question to myself.

I was very aware that I used the terms like ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ or Arrested Development’ condition to get out of entanglements that was looking like relationships.

It was also the story I kept telling myself subconsciously.  

That kind of thing happens when you become aware of your thoughts.

I was stuck in a loop.

Fear is an insidious emotion.  

It lives in habits.

Meditation, journaling, doodling, daydreaming are all great ways to understand your habits.  


The more you do it. 

You clearer you hear the story you are telling people and yourself.

Next is tuning into your emotions.

The evidence of tuning into your emotions becomes evident in your response.

Once you become aware of how you are responding to things as these questions to yourself.

Are you responding as the person you are today?

Or are you responding as a younger version of yourself.

The answers are the sweet spots.

Bekindbewellsmile.com responsequote

The moments you are so present that you respond with a positive vibe not with a past experience.  

That second you take a breath and respond in the NOW.

Let me ask you again?

What is your emotional age?

Are you coming into conversations as the beautiful being you are meant that you are?

Or are you still hovering in that one moment, that one situation, that one year; that you can’t and won’t let go of.

Perhaps, it is time to let go.

It feels go to grow. 

Change is fun.  

{Arrested development is a medical term for stoppage of physical or mental development.}

{Peter Pan Syndrome is an adult who doesn’t want to grow up}

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