The best act of kindness to give is to oneself.

In a world that tells you to move.  The best act of kindness to give is to oneself and slow down.

The funny thing about life is that when you understand your purpose. When you finally figure out what the hell you want.  You want it to come now.  You don’t understand (at first); that it is all about the journey.  

It is all about the moments in between.  

Every human being has a hard time grasping that. 

Either, you go too far, get obsessed with purpose and become a villain because you are moving too fast.

Or you reach your goal with sacrifice.

A sacrifice of a basic human need.

When a basic human need is not meet.

You are not happy.

Love is a basic human need.

Love is unclassifiable.  (I may have just made that word up).

One exception to that rule is love of oneself. 

That self-love.

I don’t mean that ego kind of love of comparing yourself to others.

No.  I mean that self-love that looks in the mirror, smiles and nods.  Because no matter what.  

No matter who.

Doesn’t matter where.

You are who you ARE and you love it.

That kind of self-love is a goal.

So, how do I get to that level?

How do you get to that level?

How does that mindset become my mindset?

How does one make that shift?

The answer I have found is kindness.

Kindness given to oneself by oneself to except the moments, the present time for what it is in that present time.

Just being okay with not being okay for the day.

To accept the contrast that is occurring because it needs to happen for that education, for growth. 

To take note and stop.

Just being there in that moment, in that time period of stopping.

Sometimes it’s good to stop.  

Especially, when your soul, your inner being is telling you too.


The Universe is constantly sending you signs.

This is what is currently happening to me. 

I have been hearing the term floating up stream and floating down stream lately.

It seems to be popping up in tv shows and different motivational videos I watch.

Attention caught.

Another attention grabber was that urge to ‘row’ as a form of exercise.

Now, I was in a car accident a couple of years ago which lead to some a couple of injuries.   

Some of those injuries are still echoing now.

My apartment complex has a gym with a rowing machine. Which I thought was super cool. And! I major reason why I chose to live here for a short period of time.  

That rowing machine has been calling my name. 

I repeatedly asked my doctors and physical therapists often if it was safe exercise, because of my impulse to try it. 

Fast forward to present and one of safest exercises I can do is rowing.

Interesting right?

Now, I must ad that I am not a crazy water sports individual. I have been known to take a kayak out sometimes. 

But, even I was caught off guard to how much I was attracted to the idea of rowing.

And then, like I kept hearing references about just letting things flow and not battling up stream.  

I eventually, started seeing the message.

And let go. 

I had been beating myself up about not being creative for a couple of weeks after some interesting events occurred.

I finally understood I needed to heal.

Yet…it still took a moment for me to let myself do that.

To let myself just stop. 

Yet…even though I woke up every morning with gratitude in my heart, I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t put out content that may help someone.

I just wanted to help.

I also knew that since I was drained I could not be helpful to anyone.

That kind of internal struggle is deep.  

It’s a question that can lead you to devalue, your prospective of your ‘worth’.

I took a step back.

This was not the right time to push myself to do something I was not motivated to do.

I understood I needed to wait and take aligned action.

The funny thing is that ‘my habit in how I process’ was already excepted by those who love me but not me.

Crazy right.

It’s interesting when you start being as kind to yourself as you are to strangers.

The world becomes slightly more fun.

And you heart becomes a little more open.  

Life becomes way more magical when you are kind to yourself.

Challenge yourself for one week to be nicer to yourself. 

When you are feeling low, put on your favorite sound and sing!

Go on a walk.

Put down the donut.

Be kind to yourself and see what you can become.

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