Clues your vibration is raising.

Want to check in with your vibration.
Take note of how animals and random people approach you.

I often wondered in my personal development journey if my vibration was rising.
I mean, I was feeling good.

Yet. Is my kindness vibe radiating to the world?

The answer came from animals.

Dogs to be more specific.
Weird right.

Actually, maybe not that weird.

I love movies and can often find comparison to many of my own life moments.

With that being said;

I love Matthew McConaughey.

In the movie ‘Failure to Launch’ his character ‘Tripp’ was messed with by a dolphin.

This scene was to express (in my opinion) how off balance ‘Tripp’ was because dolphins are not known to attack humans.

Moving back to my experience.
Dogs seemly started engaging with the intent of kindness with me often lately.

I must admit, I had some issues with dogs when I was younger until I started rooming with people who have cute fur babies.

Those experiences help me resolve my fear of dogs.

Although, I am not going to walk up to a random dog without first asking the owner if it is ok.

Back to present….

Doggies actually come up to me. There isn’t a dog that struts by me that doesn’t stop stare at me or rub on me and usually do a whimper when I leave.

The Universe has been talking to me.

One of the signs of alignment is the reaction of animals.

Animals can sense human emotions. (especially dogs)

If you are a good person they can tell.

If you are not; they can tell.

Butterflies love to cross my path. Usually extremely close to my face.

Birds are constantly showing up on my window. (every morning in fact).

Those are signs.

Signs that I would have dismissed it I wasn’t paying attention.

Most often we are inclined to look for material things for validation.

We search for what we ‘think’ should be the signs.

The Universe doesn’t always communicate in the way we are used to.

That random person who says hello could possibly be the brick on your yellow brick road; if you are open to it.

The key is being open to receiving.

Once that is achieved the Universe will show you exactly what your vibe is attracting.

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Thank you for letting me share.


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