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Kindness is the new cool!


Kindness really is the new cool.

And…its trending.

Random acts of kindness; has always been a thing.  There are countless videos featured on morning tv, clips on the internet of selfless interactions and let’s not forget ‘Some good news’ with John Krasinski.

Those beautiful stories we can never get enough of and it happens constantly every day.

Just recently my physical therapist shared a ‘random act of kindness’ story with me with great delight.

  She had been out running around all afternoon getting last minuet things for the upcoming storm.

(We live in Florida and a tropical storm was approaching.  Luckily, it was just a rain event).

On her last stop it came to her attention that she had left her wallet somewhere.  She back tracked with no luck.

Feeling frustrated and annoyed she head home.  Not being keen on driving without her license.

She drove down her street thinking nothing of a car idling near here house.  It was a common occurrence because the house next door was for sale.

Resigned that she was going to have to take the necessary steps to replace all her contents in her wallet.

She starts to unpack with a sigh.

The doorbell rings. 

The car that she noticed idling next door was now in front of her house.

Apprehensively, she opens the door and to a stranger asking for her.

With her wallet!

All the contents intact!

This warmed my heart folks. I hope it warmed yours.  Because this beautiful human being is constantly taking care of others it was nice that she was taken care of for a change. 


For the fact that in this time of ‘social distancing’ and a storm approaching, a stranger would drive all the way to a stranger’s house is … (there are no words) #love

Example number 2; of how we all are ‘SEEING’ each other is another friend whom is a server at a neighbor restaurant who received a really good tip.  

Okay you might be saying “well that is nothing new”

(Thank goodness everyone has finally got on board about tipping)

The thing is my friend really appreciated that tip.  People are not going out as much as they used to.  The hospitality industry has taken a big hit.  

Which means hospitality workers are taking a big hit to their wallet.

The folks that left that awesome tip!  Well done! You just helped pay someone’s rent.  You just allowed for another week groceries.  You just made someone’s day! 

How the world is joining together to uplift each other is a testimate to the human spirit. 

My final story of a random act of kindness happened to me as I took a walk in the name of exercise.  

I am recovering from an injury and walking fast or long distances (at the moment) is a bit of a challenge.  But a gal gotta do what a gal’s gotta do to lose that weight.  

As I hustled to cross the street as the cross walk was counting down, A fellow in the car leaned out the window and yells: “You got it girl…keep going! You are looking good!”

I must give context to the statement because it wasn’t sexist at all.  

First of all, I live in Wilton Manors!  The most amazing LGBTQ+ city in South Florida and the nicest!   And I felt the man’s intention of kindness in the car when he made that statement.

The biggest smile erupted out of my face after he spoke to me. I have been feeling down about my weight that day.  I waved as he drove away with a tear in my eye.  

That one little statement elevated me.  I had a bounce in my step as I walked back home.

You never know what someone else is going thru or when you need a universal hug.  

That is why kindness is so important.  

As the law of attraction dictates you receive what you put out.  

Put out kindness to others when you can, and it will come back when you need it.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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