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You catch more bees with honey

My high school guidance counselor Mr. Fortino was the first person to tell me that being a nice person in this will get you far in this world. He wanted me to know that fighting to get what you want was creating a karma that I really didn’t want.

I came from a family where violence and negative reinforcement was the foundation and I often pushed back with more negativity. I didn’t really understand his stance of niceness until I had my son.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a saint after he was born but the message was integrated in my brain and I didn’t let it go.

The more I learned about the law of attraction, the more I understood how being simply a nice person adds value to life. People will help you when you need it.

The more you come comprehend why you do things; the less angry you are when something doesn’t go your way. Resistance takes on a whole new meaning in your life. Allowing and receiving becomes automatic.

When someone doesn’t do, act, or be what you want; your attitude becomes one of indifference.


Easy answer.

Because everything is always working out for you.

The more mindful you are; the phrase ‘it’s not about me’ quiets the ego.

It is easy not take it personally if another individual is not cooperating with you.

You can still be nice because ‘its not about you’. Which leads you back to respond in kindness, Not react in fear.

It’s okay for someone else to be angry. You don’t have to lower your vibration to meet them.

Show them how wonderful a high vibrational person responds with kindness.

Eventually, what you need will come to you without resistance, for you have never wavered from truth of who you are.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

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