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How you expect the day to flow is how the day will go.

How I expect the day to go is how the day will go.

If you wake up and stub your toe and believe it is a sign of a bad day.

Odds are you will have a bad day.

That is why I believe there are so many videos, presentations, and endless verbalizations about a ‘morning routine’.  

Having a good morning routine is so important that people are shouting about it from the roof tops!

I started tuning in to my morning routine habits when I started working on Martha’s Vineyard.  I was fascinated that people wanted to hang out together to get breakfast or coffee before going to work.  

My morning during that period consisting of waking, drinking water, pooping, putting on music to dance around while getting dressed then work. 

Actually, my morning routine did incorporate music in my morning routine lead to me starting off the day joyfully. monkey music

I would often make it my intention to have a fun day because I looked out the window and saw so much beauty.  #marthasvineyard

Eventually, I started living earlier for work.  Enjoying the easy walk thru small parks and meeting up with friends/co-workers on the dock for a morning coffee.

I enjoyed every day because that was my expectation.

The expectation of having a good day was my dominate emotion.  My vibe was to have fun.  

I didn’t know too much about the law of attraction then.  I had read ‘The Secret’; but near fully grasped that concept of vibration.

I loved where I was, loved my friends, and loved my job. That was all that mattered.  My journey was day by day with a future never imaged.  

I was attracting by default.   

Then I #woke up and decided I wanted to be a deliberate creator.  

I loved my joyful days living and working on the vineyard but like we all do.  I grew out of it.

I finally believed that I could have a future.

Presently, I wake up with the expectation that I will find one more yellow brick for my road.  

I am tuned in and open to receiving because I have the expectation of being aligned with my inner self because I decide every morning to do so.

Reinforcing, it with my morning routine.

I like listening to Mary Kate on; she has a great ‘morning miracle mediation’.  That I have been doing frequently.  

I am drawn to this meditation because she guides you to be grateful and to visualize how you wish for day to go.

It helps me to dial in to my expectations of the upcoming day.

This conscious awareness of expectations also helps me to witness my expectations of certain situations.

For example, I have a family member who likes to complain.  My response is usually to listen then gently guide them to be more solution minded.  

This actually works.  The conversations most often lead to resolution.  Which is great.

Cool right.

It’s all about the expectation.

Let’s pass the ball to you.

When you wake up does your morning routine guide your expectations to positive or negative?

When you encounter certain situations do you expect a resolution or more problems?

Personally, I started expecting things to always be working out for me.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t fully understand in the moment.  

Because I have unwavering belief in the wholeness and the goodness of who I am.

I wake up expecting magic and the feeling of freedom.

What do you expect to happen?

Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Bring your awareness to that question as you go thru the motions of your day.

Then allow yourself to witness the answers.

It will give you a better understanding of your current vibration.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

Thank you for letting me share!


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