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Lemons do make lemonade it’s up to you to sweeten it or not.

I had a doctor’s appointment today.

After 2 hours of waiting and no estimated time of the doc’s arrival. 

I left.

The appointment wasn’t urge rent.  

I have other options.

And I left a note.


I still went home and complained about my experience.

The first time I complained; I wanted validation. 

The second time I complained it because of disappointment. 

(I really liked this doc).

The third time I attempted to complain the Universe stepped in.

This is what went down:

I had just popped down to watch a cat video to cheer me up. 

I pondered calling my mom to be the ear of my complaint when the urge to pee takes hold.  

I head for the bathroom and let the video play.   

Losing track of time in the bathroom I come out to a Jake Ducey video playing.

It is the video below. 

The video was all about how he switched his mindset.

A picture containing grass, sitting, large, cloudy

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I was like whoa.

He went on to tell his story about being shut out of one path only to land on the right path. 

I mean it is hard to see when you are in the thick of things.  Especially, if you are programmed to wait for the other shoe to drop.

Jake Ducey’s video help me shift the perspective.

He had some tips for when things seemly are not going your way.

  • Tip one


           It is what it is.

I am home now all nice and snug; just hanging out with my cat.  And what happened is in the past. There is nothing I can do about that doctor’s visit now so why stew on it.  

  • Tip two

               Ask yourself what is the lesson here? 

           And find the good in it.

My visit was just an attempt to control a situation.  I shall trust more.

And I got some content.

  • Tip three

      Forgive what happened.

I love the Queer Eye Guys.  They were actually on Family Feud with Steve Harvey.  It was the first cast of the Queer Eye Guys and the most recent cast of Queer Eye Guys with Wesley Hamilton from Season 4 was standing in for Karamo. Wesley Hamilton recanted what happened when he met the guy who shot him.

It is powerful.

His response is also what I believe is a perfect example of forgiving of what you are went underwent.

Forgive the rest’ -Jake Ducey     

Wesley Hamilton is such a legend.  

He inspires me to find the good every day.

I am grateful for that message from the Universe via Jake Ducey.  

And grateful for today. 

I am adopted that phrase ‘What’s the best that can happen?’ into my inner dialog.

Funny thing is…as soon as I said “What’s the best that can happen?” out loud; I opened my computer and wrote this nifty post.

I used to take my lemonade with no sugar. 

Now a days I’ll take it sweet.

Thank you for letting me share!

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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