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How to tip the scale towards positive when life comes fast and hard.

“A positive attitude is the pathway to the abundance that you seek.” -Abraham 

Every positive person has contrast (contrast is a negative vibration that you notice).

From the person that also hit you after running a light.  Or not having the extra money to splurge on Postmates for that Popeye’s chicken sandwich’ on your cheat day.

That kind of stuff does affect actually effect a ‘positive person’; just like everyone else.

The main difference is that we the way we let it affect us. 

Most of us who follow the teachings of Abraham and the law of attraction understand that we see what we don’t want to launch a desire of what we do want. 

When that negative thought is triggered a good majority of us will go inward to find out what is really going on with our vibration. 

The guy running the light happened when on the way to appointment deeply didn’t didn’t want to go to.   The extra money not being in the bank is because you are eating healthy and that Popeye’s chicken sandwich is a step backward.   

So…you may wondering? 

“Okay great, now; how did you switch your mindset, so those low vibration emotions didn’t stay with you continuously thru out the day?”

Glad you asked.

Abraham teachings always mentions writing a list of ‘positive aspects’ to refocus.  It is a tool to get off the subject that is bringing you low and focus on gratitude.  

Part of my morning routine is writing in my gratitude journal; but realistically, I am not walking around with a gratitude journal all day. That is why this little hack is a great way to infuse more gratitude during the way.  

It’s fun to mix things up!

Ester Hicks is a fan of this and often turns to this method when she needs to tune your vibration to a different station.

It is so easy to do.  

Grab a piece of paper and pen or open the notes app on your phone then…

Just write or type.

Look around.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath. Bring what is positive things are around you at this moment and list them.  

Focusing on the good things that you have right in front of you will shift your mind to gratitude.  An instant mood enhancer.

I do this all the time. 

Sometimes I have to stop myself because I will fill up pages and pages.

The end results.

Nothing but smiles.

I encourage you to try this if you feel yourself sliding into a lower vibe.

After all, ‘What’s the best that can happen?’

If you wish for more info about Abraham and Ester Hicks teachings check out their books.  My personal favorite is ‘Ask and it is given’.

We also have a book for more tips and hacks, check it out!

Thank you for letting me share!

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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