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Wake up for yourself.

Mel Robbins has once again has me thinking.  She posted a quick video about dealing with anxiety.

My take away was the questioning “Are you waking up for yourself?”

Morning habits are so important and the more I understand myself the more I am consciously aware of my decisions that will impact the rest of my day.

So, when Mel Robbins asked are you waking up for yourself?  

I went back to one of the best times in my life which was working on Martha’s Vineyard.

I was lucky enough to be living in biking or walking distance of my job.

Back then, I woke many hours before I had to be to work to give myself plenty of time to ease my way into the day.

 Music was always playing as I during my morning coffee and getting dressed.

(It helped that I loved my job. It wasn’t just good money.  It was a good time.)

As I was reminded on that period of my life it really struck me that I made a conscious effort to take time for myself.  

It is all about the guest when you work in hospitality. 

I started the day off all energetic and happy which carried throughout the day.

I woke up for me.  

I tested this concept of a good morning routine the other day.

I awaken with enough time to drink coffee and hustle out the door to an appointment.  

I neglected meditation, no gratitude journal, no stretching, nothing.  

Although, I was still my joyful self, I did catch myself reacting and not responding like I went back on autopilot again. 

There was a small shift in my attitude.  Not much. A small amount.  

The next day I went back to my morning routine.  

I had a great day.  

I stayed focus on my happiness because I woke up and focused on MY happiness.

Because honestly, as much as we want to help others the first step is to help yourself.

There is a reason why they tell you to put your oxygen mask first during those emergency demonstrations on airplanes.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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