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You can’t push against anything without pushing against yourself.

Bold words from Abraham that made me chuckle a bit.
My mind went straight to those scenes when someone gets all mad and destroys their room. Like really go crazy and smashing everything.

I did that once when I was younger.
Notice I said ‘once’.

The aftermath of the destruction I caused was just a temporary fix.

Now a days I scream into a pillow. Or hit up a wreck room. Those really rock.

That is also why I don’t take my anger out on other people. I don’t yell.
My voice may go down an octave to be more intense, but I still won’t yell.

It’s not necessary. Not anymore.

I have learned that ‘making peace to wear you are at the moment’ is the answer.

And let me tell you that advice has really curved my reactions.

I have been dealing with a lot of different medical offices this year.

Before Covid hit I had a slight annoyance with the time management of one of these offices.

(Truth be told, I had an idea that something was up in the world because there was a lot of world meditations going on for a virus in China. So, my instinct told me to have a set plan into action for my recovery. I am a traveler and rarely settle in one place for very long.)

Most times people get upset about things they can’t control.
The main culprit for a majority of outbursts is other peoples’ behavior.

The thing is we can’t control other people behavior.

We can only control our own.

That’s the key.

People are going to do what they are going to do.

That is why I am no longer going to let that stress me out.

I started asking myself; “why am I putting myself into a bad mood getting myself all worked up about things completely out of my hand?”

That is when I adapted the concept of ‘making peace of where you are’.

If I truly believed that; ‘everything is always working out for me’ then I have to realize that sometimes things happen because they are supposed too.

My therapist loves to call this call this mentality “being okay with the imperfections of the day”.

I love those two mindsets.

Plus, getting all worked up and being mean to people to get what you want, is not worth the karma.

There are some instances yes, when being an a$$hole is valid. Most times there is no need.

What you put out will come back to you.

With that being said. Sh@t happens!

The truth of who you are is how you deal with it.

Will you push against yourself and introduce anger into your environment on things that you can’t control?

Or will you believe in your journey that includes those not so perfect moments knowing that lessons arrive in the weirdest packages sometimes.

Thanks for letting me share!

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

For more tips on how to stay in a more positive state check out of book on Amazon. It’s an easy read full of hacks to incorporate into your daily life so you can raise your vibe and start manifesting your dream life!


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