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Misery loves company

‘Misery loves company’ is a statement that is very familiar in my life.  

As a child, I would watch adults come together and complain.

My younger self was branded ‘mean’ for the simple fact that; I didn’t smile much.

Wasn’t much of a talker either. 

Truth be told my younger self didn’t engage because she didn’t want to!

Not down for the complainers back then.  Not down for the complaining tribe now.

Thank goodness my world expanded as I aged.

I believe it was in my early 20’s the question:

 “What if this was your last moment? Do you want to go out happy or sad?”

We all gotta go sometime.  I prefer to go out smiling.

These days if I am not smiling, I am picturing a cartoon in my head or thinking about what I am wanting to eat.

People of a particular age will understand.

This connects me to a realization I discovered during my personal development journey.

Negativity is contagious = misery loves company.

Take it one step further and the word on the street is negativity is additive.

Awareness of self is a great push to dive deep into your beliefs.  

The self-talk gets louder and louder.

Trust breaking the addiction to negative thought is no easy chore. 

“Pain and negative emotions activate the reward centers of the brain, causing unconscious addition to those negative emotions.” – Dr. Ali Binazir

Dr. Ali Binazir piece on Huffington Post spoke to me.

It is a great read.

I experienced many aha moments as I read that article.

My sister and I are on the same vibe when it comes to spiritual things. 

She often says that certain negative family members just can’t help themselves.

I am finally got it.

Once I became dialed in with my emotion; I am able to catch myself before buying a ticket on negative train.   

The best tip I ever gotten is to acknowledge the problem; then focus on the solution.

As soon as I adapted that ‘solution minded’ habit my negative thinking radically shifted.

Making the decision to be adopted a more positive state requires work.  

Work by going inward to understand the programming that is lingering in the subconscious. 

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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