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Not my chair not my problem.

I share a bathroom with my cat Henry.
That means frequent trips to the garbage shoot.

Today’s jaunts ended in me noticing a pile of up trash bags in front of the garbage shoot.

The garbage shoot is also across the hall from an apartment.

Not my apartment.

Yet, I still found myself getting angry in behalf of these people.

Saying to myself:

“I would be pissed about that shit. I would call the office right away. We pay so much money for these apartments. THE DISRESPECT!!!”

I stopped myself, as I felt my emotions heighten.

“Why am I getting all worked up on something that has absolutely nothing to do with me?”

About 5 years ago; there was a video going around with a lizard with a man’s voice just talking sh$t. It was humorous.

The most humorous line was ‘not my chair not my problem’.
Now, as human beings we often take outer experiences and personalize them.

I took that line to me and used it to remember if it has nothing to do with me; I shouldn’t focus on it.

My sister would often say “we are all grown folks”, when family members would give their opinions on the way other family members are living their lives.

Those two lines came to my mind as I felt myself getting worked up over something that was none of my business.

I needed to move on.

Before I entered my apartment after seeing the trash pile; I shook it off.

Shook off that negative energy.

That negative energy I vowed was not going to follow me into my home.
Tip*. Moving your body is a great way to release energy if doesn’t serve you.

Life is too short to worry about what other people are doing.

Yes, other people will annoy you. It happens.

The point is; how long are you going to let it affect you?

When someone cuts you off while driving.

How long are you going to let one moment of contrast linger in your day?

Personally, I acknowledge with “that’s interesting” then move on.

While driving I make up silly excuses for other drivers to lighten situations:

“I bet they have to pee”.

Not giving life to negative situations opens up a lot of time to give attention moments that will serve you.

Energy flows where focus goes.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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