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The art of being lazy

From outside the vortex your behavior is motivated.  From inside the vortex your behavior is inspired.” -Abraham

If you don’t know what the vortex is that Abraham is always speaking about it is ‘the place of alignment with source.’ 

The vortex is a place where all the high vibe frequencies are like joy, fun, love inspiration.

You know you are out of the vortex when you experience low vibrational frequencies.  Examples of those are frustration, anger, hopelessness.

Now, do you get why I love staying in the vortex on the regular.

Each day when you wake is a new point of attraction. -Abraham

Every day is a new opportunity to guide yourself into a high frequency hence, why first thing in the morning is a great opportunity to meditate.

Start the day in the right mindset.

Being in the right mindset at the start of the day is the mental nourishment you need later on when contrast hits you.  

When that wobble does appear during the day you are already in a mindset of trust and alignment you can then relax not react. 

Give yourself permission to stop.

Trust that you are answers you seek will find you.  

I was randomly listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast the other day. Her guest was Arianna Huffington. She was speaking about her book ‘Thrive: The third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder’.

The book was born after Arianna Huffington suffered a fall that ended up being a wakeup call for her to exam the meaning of being successful and how that impacted her life.  She was living in a go go go world measuring her life by money and power.  Not anymore.  Arianna Huffington has a new way of living and a new way of thinking.

The podcast was a delightful conversation about how many are distracting themselves from seeing their true selves.  Our pursuit of outer things takes a tool on our inner being. 

Never giving ourselves a break to relax and align.  

The funniest part of conversation was when Arianna Huffington talked about taking naps or time out to meditate.  

She joked that many heads of medical companies take time out to meditate for years, but never talked about it.

Some of us are programmed to work really hard.  To push and push until we get a result.  

Thank goodness ‘them times are changing’.  

We are learning to work smarter not harder.

Now… I am not promoting not doing anything at all.

It’s all about taking the aligned action.

The only way you can get into alignment is when you are relaxed.

You can see that kind of behavior in people who value staying in their joyful vortex.

Often their answers are “I don’t know” and “let me get back to you.”

On the flip side of that logic; emotional stable folks also make clear and fast decisions because they can feel the synchronicity or not.

That kind of precise decision making is all a benefit of slowing down and prioritizing getting into alignment.

The next time you are pushing yourself to go go go, take a moment to assess if the step you are in such a rush to take is valid.

Does it feel good in your heart?

The word lazy gets a bad rap.

Sometimes it good to slow down and watch the world go by for a minute.  

Many of miracles, inspirations and life changes ideas come in moments of peace.

When you take the time to allow them in.

Thank you for letting me share. 

Be kind. Be well. Smile. 


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