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Making micro moves might just be the answer.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. – Martin Luther King Jr

Let’s chat about micro moves.
I thought it was stupid when I first heard about it simply because I want things to hurry up in happen.

But thank goodness the law of attraction does not manifest thoughts instantly.

I would have a whole lot of unicorns mulling about my apartment lol.

This is the part when ‘it’s all about the journey’ comes into play.

You see there is a huge amount of satisfaction in accomplishing something AND being present enough to witness your manifestation.

Taking small steps will add up to big ones.

I adopted my cat Henry from a local shelter.

He was so scared when the aid brought him into the room to meet me.

Henry stood out because all the other cats I had visited with were very rambunctious.

My best friend was with me at the time and noticed how much he was shaking.

She immediately told me she thought he needed to be adopted.

Henry hid underneath my bed for the first 24 hours when I brought him home.
Only coming out when I went to bed.

As the days and weeks rolled by, I loved watching Henry become comfortable with his new surroundings.

I was especially interested on the approach Henry took when it came time to explore the patio.

The first patio experience for Henry was in my arms.

The second time I put him down on the patio floor.

He immediately ran back inside.

Finally, I just sat outside and left the door cracked for him.

Letting him slowly explore the patio on his own (weirdly meowing as he moved about).

I can open the patio door and let him go out on his own.

It’s cute because he needs to be in eye view of me at all times.

Henry made micro movements to move himself out of his comfort zone.

I might add that I tried to harness him first as my vet suggested so he wouldn’t run after a bird.

That didn’t work.

He put up a ton of resistance.

We needed to build up TRUST between us first.

He didn’t believe blindly that I would have his back.
Now he does.

I peeped what he was doing and apply that same principal to myself.

Sometimes it is great just to jump.

But if you have underlining limited beliefs that have not been identified the is a high chance of resistance that may alter the result you seek.

You have to have the right mindset.

To create habits that allows you to TRUST the outcome will be for your greater good.

That is why I believe if there is something you want to achieve and you have a lot of resistance on that subject, making small moves is the best way.

I am a writer.

I had a lot of fear surrounding becoming a successful writer; even though it is my dream.

I needed to shift my mindset.

The first thing I did was to make the decision to write every day for a month.
Nothing overwhelming.

One day I would write a word. The next maybe a sentence. I also started journaling more.

Taking small steps to establish a behavior that is aligned with my goal.

It’s been two months and look at me NOW.

I started a blog!

I took small steps to chip away at a belief that was not serving me.

Taking micro steps toward your dream life might be another way just to start the shift.

Because let’s be real.

A good majority of us are not ‘those kind of people’ that will dive off that cliff.

Nah…we may start by walking into the ocean.

Walking with a mindset of “no matter how small the step’ it is still a step FORWARD.”

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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