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Did you know that there is a sequel to ‘The Secret’ movie?

The movie ‘The Secret’ came out about 14 years ago.

It was a groundbreaking piece of knowledge introducing us to ‘the law of attraction’.

The movie and the book were an instant success.

Even the inevitable backlash didn’t curve the message from anchoring into pop culture history.

My mother was the first person to introduce me to the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne.

I believe she saw it on The Oprah Winfrey Show like millions of others.

She had a feeling I would be interested in it. 

And right she was! (Just look at me know mom!)

Yet after reading it, I could never shake that I was missing something.

Fast forwar , I am going through one of the toughest chapters in my life and that book surfaces again.

It was sitting on the coffee table at the first Airbnb I rented at the start of my walkabout in Europe.

It came back to me when I desperately needed a change of perspective.

The arrival of the book was a calling that I needed to dive deeper into the law of attraction again.

That feeling of there is ‘more to life’ was back in a big way.

And I went swimming.

If there is even the smallest inkling in your mind that there is more to your life.

I strongly recommend you watch the movie ‘The Secret’; accompanied by ‘Beyond the Secret- The Great Awakening.

The Secret will open your eyes and mind to ‘what’.

Beyond the Secret answers the question of ‘how’.

The original movie is an introduction to the laws of the universe.

The sequel is the mechanics behind it.

The mechanics of your inner self.

The 2020 film also brings to light the main component that perhaps was overlooked in the first. 

The ‘law of attraction’ has the word ‘action’ in it.

Taking the correct action then becomes the next answer to explore.

“Nothing happens until you are ready.” -John Sachtouras 

This documentary style film gives you the tools by using very creatable influences who back up the concept of going inward. 

The film also touchs on the science of wellness.

 With much emphasis on the importance of alignment.

Indulgance of the gift of understanding self.

All while bringing in supportive evidence with testimonials of those who are using the law of attraction to live their dream lives.

I can write a lot more and go in-depth about what the movie explains but I won’t.

Every persons’ journey is so specific to that person.

Plus, each perspective is it’s own.

I wouldn’t want to spoil another’s lesson by sharing all of the movie’s wisdom.

I will leave you with this.

Watch it.

Watch it to the very end. 

The final minuets are magic.

Even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction.

There is some good information there to really in rich your life.

With the world telling us to stay home more this winter; why not take that advice to go in (literally) and take a peek of what is really going on inside.

Inside of your head and body.

Check in on your vibration.

‘How you feel on the inside will be revealed on the outside.’ -Carl Harvey

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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