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Emotions are your guidance system.

Your mood is controlled by your emotions.

Are you aware that your mood is controlled by emotions?

Of course, everyone is aware of that fact.  

You know that if you’re in a bad mood it is most likely because you are having a negative thought.

There is a catch.  You have to be aware that you are having a negative thought.

The key to that is a conscious awareness of the dominate thoughts in your head.

Now okay, we all know that once you get busy you won’t be able to monitor all the thoughts in your head all day.  

However, the emotions that is felt, is the guidance system you can use to stay in touch with your inner being.

Negative emotions are indicator of your alignment with your higher self.

The further away you are moving from inner being; the more you will feel negative emotions.

That is the sign.

Heed it.  

Use it.

Take a moment.

Take time to pause.

While working as a bartender, my fellow co-workers would take smoke breaks.  

I took meditation breaks.

These were especially welcoming when I started to feel overwhelmed or annoyed while working.  A state I did not want to stay in. 

While co-workers smoked; I took a few minutes to silence my mind.  

I used my breaks to remind myself of the positive aspects of that day.

This helped me so much because, for I had been developing a short fuse.  

I was able to narrow down the truth of my annoyance which was because I had undiagnosed an injury.

My bad mood was because of the discomfort I was feeling.  

I became grateful for that bad mood, that negative emotion; I was able to get help before it got too serious.  

“Every morning is a new point of attraction” – Abraham Hicks.

A good morning routine is paramount.

As soon as I started taking time to meditation and make my intentions for the day.  

My life became magical.

I decided to have a good day and I did.

I am not saying that there isn’t contrast.

 I adopted a mindset that contrast is a lesson.

An opportunity to learn and grow.

That helps to keep things into perspective.

Bad moods happen.

We shouldn’t be scared of them.

I engage these moods differently now.

I go inward to find out I am truly thinking about.

You are the creator of your reality. You attract what you think about.  

The emotions you feel are your guidance system.  

The truth of your life can only be found inside of YOU.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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