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Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?

I did Tony’s Robbins 5-day free challenge last week and my mind is blown. 

 I mean… yes, I have heard that his events have done tremendous transformations.

He coaches Serena Williams, Michael Jordon and even Oprah has gone to his events. 

 But, I free challenge… let’s just say my expectations were not very high. 

I have done a couple of free challenges since Covid and while some added a bit of value to my life, I always felt that the sales pitch was the main priority. 

The opposite can be said about ‘Tony Robbins, 5-day challenge, New You/New World.’

Granted there was a sales pitch, but a sales pitch for an epic event. 

I learned so much from these past five days that my intent is to manifest a ticket to his event in March.  For if I am feeling enlighten from only a fraction of the March event time frame.  I can only imagine the break thru I will have if I attend.

That challenge addressed more than just the mindset.  It gave focus to the entirety of YOU.   Meaning that there was physical movement, spiritual focus, and the guidance of going within.

As a entreupeur, writer, creator; it is up to me to motivate my own self.  The fire has to come within.  Understanding what kindling you need to make that fire to cultivate that burning desire of one’s purpose is something Tony Robbins provides.

Perhaps, that is why I gravitated to Tony Robbins.  

Mr. Robbins does not really preach the law of attraction, I don’t think he classifies himself in that realm.  Yet, his teachings really do align with it.  

The similaries in his strategies and Russel Branson’s strategies form a pattern to me.  The way they both help people shape their mind for success really is in the best interest of others.  

I can see why they are leaders in their industries.   

Many like to shun the wealthy, often forgetting that they were once in the very same shoes you are in today.  

However, a true secret is to listen to the story of those who paved the way, for there is knowledge there. 

Success does leave footprints.   

Here are 10 quotes from the ‘5 days of a FREE challenge with Tony Robbins’.

Now, this is just a taste of value this challenge gave to me.  Quotes that I hope will resonate with you.

  1.  “Life is happening FOR me not TO me.”
  2.  “The quality my life is the quality of my emotions.”
  3.  “The biggest problem you have is believing that you shouldn’t have any problems.”
  4. “Your emotional state determines your story.”
  5. “The most powerful invisible force in the world is human emotion.”
  6. “80% of wealth is psychology.  20% is mechanics.”
  7. “Are you in the right movie?”
  8. “Your reactions shape your life.”
  9. “The words you attach to your experience become your experience bio-chemically.”
  10. “Divorce your limitations.”

That was just a sample of the knowledge that was shared during these past 5 days.  (There was even a bonus day with mediation and nutrition.)

I feel blessed that I was able to do this free event.  

It really gave me an opportunity to go within and grow.  

To focus the movie, that I am the star in.  

My intent with this post is to encourage others to perhaps try these free challenges (especially from the Tony Robbins and Russel Brands of the world); and not be intimidated by their success.

Many successful people really do want others to be successful. 

Infact, service to others is really what a majority of successful people strive to do. 

Invest in yourself.

This is a kind world. It is your choice to believe that.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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