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The magic of mindfulness.

Your thoughts determine your well-being.

Mindfulness!  Mindfulness! Mindfulness!

That word is everywhere, but what exactly does it mean?

A quick Google search brings up a lot of answers.  

I liked this answer:

“A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Interesting right? 

To me that definition complies with meditation.

However, I believe that there is so much more to mindfulness.

I define mindfulness as being aware of what exactly you are focusing on.  

 “What you are thinking about?”

Those are some of the first questions I wanted to answer when I started my mindfulness practice.

On average humans think about 50 thoughts per hour.  

That’s a lot. 

Most of those thoughts are subconscious.  

Some of those thoughts are of the past.

Some thoughts are of the future.

A majority of those thoughts are your programing.  (That’s for later post.)

Regardless, of what the thoughts are, you are having them consciously or subconsciously. 

Need more evidence?

Since Covid we all have been taking more walks.

Have you noticed that you are taking the same route?  

Have you developed a routine?

 (Aka a subconscious behavior stemmed from a conscious habit.) 

You keep walking this path because it is pleasurable to you consciously and subconsciously.  

The mind controls the body and the body moves.  

I bet unless, you make a conscious effort to walk down another street; you won’t do it. 


Just go out walking without any conscious thought about where you are going. Just relax and walk. 

What route did you take?

Is the same one you have been taking?

Another good example (the internet’s favorite example) is driving to work.  

Ever just end up at work and don’t remember getting there?  

Happens to everyone.

That is an example of mindfulness and meditation.  

Your subconscious mind takes over and gets you to work by following the habitual route. While you just zone out.

My father actually taught me this mediative act.  

He would encourage me to go for a long drive to just chill and relax when frustration set in.  It worked.

So, does running for me. 

Taking a jog propels me to go inward to listen to my body about how hard I can push it that day.  

Running causes, me to be in the present moment.

The present moment is not where most of us are focused. 

The NOW is the mindfulness we all should want to achieve.

There are different aspects of the practice of mindfulness that I think can be interjected into the every day.

Yes, meditation is the best way. 

Although, a lot of us do not have 15 minuets to sit in a quiet place during the day.

(That’s why a morning routine of meditation is a great way to start the day.)

We all use the restroom at some point.  

I drink a ton of water, so I see my commode a lot. 

Every single time I go use to loo I take one deep breath and appreciate 5 things in my day.

It’s a quick way to change my state to more positivity.

One of the important aspects of mindfulness is the awareness of feeling.

“Your emotions are your guidance system.” – Abraham Hicks

Your feelings, your emotions; are there for a reason.  

Negative emotion is leading you away from your purpose.  

If there is negative emotion, pause, take a couple of breaths and ask yourself why is this emotion surfacing?  

“What am I thinking about?”

Sometimes negative emotion has nothing to do with the current situation.  

It is a past situation or programming that is affecting the NOW?

Being able to pause and grasp the situation from a ‘NOW’ perspective really does change the game.  

It will change your life.

Journaling is a perfect way to begin to see what exactly is going on in your mind. 

I also highly recommend replaying different conversations you had during the day.  

The story you tell is the movie of your life.

How you interact with others, the words you use, is the way subconsciously, you see yourself. 

Humans have realized that living in a flight or fight state of mind is not the way. 

Life is about the journey not the amplification of fear.

We are vibrational beings.

Understanding exactly what is going on ‘within’ is the key to your reality.

Wish to change your life?

First you have to be mindful of the thoughts you are thinking.

The way to be mindful of your thoughts all starts with you becoming aware of YOU

Where you are in the present moment? 

What is around you?

What sensations are you feeling?

What is around you and how do you feel about it?

It all starts with a decision.

A decision and desire to connect with the truth of YOU. 

YOUR emotions. 

The content of your reality.  

You are the creator of your happiness.

Once that resonates with you.  

The truth of your own ‘mindfulness’ will be your motivator.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile. 


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