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Want to know the secret answer to all your problems?

Bold statement I made with that headline, right?

Keep reading and let me present to you a different way to approach manifestations.


The secret is problems are part of the human experience.

Everyone has problems.

That’s it.  

Most of us try and manifest things because we think that ‘thing’ will make all of our problems go away.

We have been looking at it all wrong.

Problems (or contrast as I like to call it) is a fact of life for every single human being on this earth.

Problems don’t only target folks who earn less than a $100,000.00 a year.  

Rich folks have problems too.  

Now that we have established; when intending to manifest something we can leave out the notion that it will solve all of our problems.

Shift the intention to the end result.  

Let the intended manifestation be a tool to your desire.

A great example of switching the mindset around manifestations are lotto winners.

There are plenty of lotto winners who go broke after a few years. 


The most common reason is because they have no idea what to do when that big windfall happens.

The winner goes collects the money and ends up burning right through it because they still have the same mindset of a person who never had that much money before.  

“Money doesn’t change who you are; it magnifies who you really are.”- Farrah Gray 

I am preparing myself now for my intended manifestation.

Taking action ‘NOW’ to be ready for desire.

This mental shift happened because I tossed out that notion that a certain manifestation will make all my problems go away.

An easy way to make this shift is to ask yourself during the day.

“If I had a million dollars what I be doing?

What would it feel like?”

I constantly ask myself those questions.

Those questions shifts the perspective to ‘how to keep the money’ not how to spend it’.

Playing this game allows you focus on how you want your life to be.

What does your happiness look like to you?

If you had a million dollars what type of bank account would you have?

Would you invest it?

What are the personal taxes would you have to pay every year?

How can this money enhance what you really want to do?

Those questions also motivates you into taking action.

To prepare yourself for the life you want.

Once again, I desire to be a successful writer, so even if I had a million dollars I would still be writing.

That is why I have started writing on sites and created a blog.

My other desire intention is to have a successful t-shirt brand to accompany my blog.

Even if I had a million dollars, I would still have to design the t-shirts.  

I have found amazing websites that help you do that very thing.

I also need a company that manufactures t-shirts.  

With some easy researching I found print on demand websites that can use get the ball rolling NOW.

I am taking small action steps to bring me closer to my dream.

I am showing myself and the Universe that I believe in my desired outcome.

Working on my dream NOW is allowing my money manifestations to flow quickly and easily into my reality.

Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Once it resolves in you that there is always going to be problems, you can shift the focus to what you really want.

Start to acquire the tools to navigate problems not let them overwhelm you.

That’s it.

There are always going to be problems, rich or poor.

How you approach them determines the quality of your life. 

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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