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Can procrastination actually be regarded as a positive?

The questions that opened a new perspective regarding the emotion of procrastination for me.  

Lunch with my best friend took an interesting turn the other day as we dived into a conversation about procrastination.

She had made a comment of how bad of a procrastinator she is.   

That comment lead me to ask her if she ever considered exploring the reason for her procrastination?

She never has. 

Procrastination to her, is a fault. 

Fault can also be interpered as a negative.

With that in mind.

Logic states there must be a positive in it somewhere. 


In the spirit of ‘personal development’ I would like to share some questions that helped me shift the perspective on procrastination and the answers that I vibed with. 

When I starting tuning into my procrastination behavior the first reflection question I asked was:

Why am I really procrastinating? 

 (It falls in the same vibe of why I am really getting angry?)

I meditated with the intent understanding the truth of my procrastination.

Asking myself the question “why am I really procrastinating?”; as I drifted off to sleep. 

I also focused journaled for a couple of days. 

Really basking in the presence of that question.

Then I let it go.

An answer that surfaced was and still surfaces is,

“It’s not the right time.”

I believe in aligned action.

I also believe in micro actions to gain momentum.  

Another nugget….

If you are procrastinating so much that strong negative feelings consume you, it may be a good idea that you stop and walk away.

Creating or acting out of frustration is never the answer.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein 

I was a big procrastinator when it came to writing. 

It over shadowed my love for it.  

Every teacher in every grade of my scholastic life loved my poems and stories.

There was validation there.

Yet, subconsciously I never thought I could be a successful writer.

I eventually did shadow work and sorted that limited belief.

Not saying my procrastination magically went away. 

 Not saying that at all.

After comprehending the root of my programming, the navigation of procrastination became lighter.

When a ‘hesitation mentality’ comes out play, I choose to meditate with the pondering thought:

 “What is really holding me back?”

*”I like to incorporate the word ‘really’ a lot because it triggers me to go beyond the surface reasons of procrastination and address the root. Incorporating a trigger word to go deeper is a tool.”

My major shift came when I heard these answers:

“You are not in alignment.” 

“This action is not really aligned with your ultimate goal.” 

The more you are in tune with yourself, the less likely you are to take action when it doesn’t add value to your life. 

The whip cream, cherry on top question is:  

“Is self-doubt a factor?”

If you don’t believe in yourself; you are not going to try and obtain a goal that you subconsciously do not believe you can achieve.

Self-belief also intertwines with worthiness.

If you don’t feel worthy; you won’t strive for what you really want.  

Also, yes, this example can be related to procrastination about taking out the trash.   

A human whom believes in themselves will believe that they deserve a clean house.  

A basic rule of having a nice house is not to have smelly trash.  

A clean house links to good health.

Finally, …

Procrastination can be that sign that whatever you are hesitating to do isn’t meant to be.

Every beautiful human is born to have a unique experience.

Every beautiful human has the right to change their dream.

Once you start asking the question,

“Why am I procrastinating?”

The answer will differ from mine.

Even if wording of the question is different, the intent leads us a oneness path that we all can claim.

Turning inward is a beautiful way to wake up to the reality you have created for yourself.  

“You attract who you are.”  

Always remember and never forget…

The subconscious mind has many keys.  

Your skeleton key is your emotions.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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