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Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

I am sitting in my chair barely able to move 2 days ‘over did it’ while exercising. 

 Muscle memory is real folks!

 I was having so much fun that; my body went back to the 2015. 

My 2021 body needs multiple days recovery time. 

A couple of months ago I would be beating myself up.

Mentally bullying myself to exercise my way thru the pain.

Or let myself be swallowed up by the ache.

Not today.  

Today, I am perfectly fine to sit on the couch; with intermit stretching sessions and a whole lota ice.  

Plus, a couple of bananas.

My fingers are even sore.

I was out of coffee this morning and needed to walk to Publix.  A grocery store a couple blocks away. 

The sky was beautiful, my calves are aching but I still choose a smile as I strolled at a turtle’s pace to my destination. 

After a polite conversation with the cashier; I notice the heaviness of my bag. 

Shopping on an empty stomach has strikes again. 

I debated calling an Uber. 

Quickly came to my senses.

Changed the playlist on my Iphone and hobbled home.

During this whole situation, even when my foot got stuck in the train track, I did nothing but laugh.

This is nothing but ‘situation comedy’ to me. 

“Life is supposed to be fun.” – Abraham Hicks

Situation comedy (to me) is ‘when I am present to the comedy in the moment.’  

There are three ways to approach situations.

You can see things as a positive or a negative.

Or nothing at all.

You gotta laugh at the comedy in your life so you attract more to laugh at.

It’s so easy to get grumpy over small things.  

Or lash out because you are not feeling your best. 

I rather laugh.


I will tell people the story with a lot of chuckles.

There are frequent times that I shake my head at the nonsense of it all, haphazardly getting up from the couch.

I appreciate the humor of my sore body situation.

I am not afraid to laugh with myself.

I often imagine my life as a tv sitcom.  

Especially when I need give a bit of lightness to my day.

Lesson learned:

 ‘I am never going to solve a problem with the same energy I noticed it in.’

That’s a little secret to switch the perspective in moments of high stress.

A lot of comedy does come from pain.  

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.  


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