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The clouds never last long.

‘How doing the shadow work added to my well-being.’

A lot of people think that believing in the law of attraction is stupid.  

That no one should be positive all the time.

I understand that.   I am not positive 100% of the time.  

My current meter is 99.9%.

That one percent is dedicated to my shadow work.  

Shadow work is a popular terminology in the law of attraction universe. 

 It is what it sounds like.  

Working on things in our shadow selves. 

The darker side. 

There will always be things that will scare us.  

How you navigate and receive that fear is a factor of working with ONE’s shadow self.

There will always be darkness. 

Understanding our own darkness is a game changer.

I give credit to meditation and journaling for the awareness of my thoughts.

Especially, when it comes to circumstances in my life that I have processed as hurt. 

It was a relief to finally hear my reasoning for the hurt I still carried.  

When I tie a present emotion to a past experience; I have learned to debunk it. 

I feel it, identify it, in order to respond based on the events of the present not the past.  

That is why I am in a good mood a majority of the time. 

I do that shadow work.

I am always going to have to do the shadow work.  

It is just a part of my journey.

There is power when you are the conductor of your emotions.

Being responsible of Your own universe is euphoria.  

I like to spend Sundays with the intent to consciously appreciating everything.

The more I did this; the more I noticed self-sabotaging habits aka shadow behaviors.

Allowing me to change them because I allowed my self to understand them.

A key to allowing your happiness is just that ‘allowing’.   

A majority of people don’t go after their dreams because they don’t truly believe in themselves.

That is why doing the shadow work is an asset to your reality. 

Exposing the truth of your programming is a very freeing feeling.

Unhappiness can be sign of growth.  

Dissatisfaction could possibly be a song of expansion.  

Give yourself permission to grow.

Becoming aligned with ONEself and your higher SELF is the priority.

Alignment gives motivation to uncovering those fearful, hurt events lingering in the subconscious mind. 

“Unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be Well. Smile. 

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