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Why I became best friends with my shadow.

I define shadow work as the awareness and navigation of the negative behaviors or unaligned emotions in One’s life.  

The more you accept the concept that your life is a reflection of your thoughts, the more you wish to know the reasons for your actions.

Life becomes very interesting once behavioral patterns are revealed. 

Negative feelings come from somewhere.

I wanted to know where mine came from.

As my practice of meditation increased; I learned to stay calm in moments of stress.

Especially, if it was someone being negative towards me.

In that kind of aggressive situation, I ask myself: 

 “Is this about me?”

9 times out of 10 if someone is blowing up at you.

It has nothing to do with you.

The second thing I ask myself is: 

“Am I responding or reacting?”

A great benefit of shadow work is you learn to respond not react.

Shadow work also comes into play hugely in motivation and self-worth.

A lot of our anxieties, fears and limited beliefs have the root of not enough.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t strive for your purpose.

You don’t take that free boat ride to watch a perfect sunset.

As my perspective shifted, I was able to look back at how I am letting the past interfere with my present.

Embracing all of my negative emotions became a gateway to understanding my limited beliefs.

The core of most of my limited beliefs was feeling that ‘I was not good enough’.

That is how I discovered the affirmation of ‘I AM ENOUGH’

That statement is an inclusive statement of self-acceptance.

It is a belief that YOU are who you are meant to BE if you chose to believe it. 

I used that affirmation as a tool.

HACK:   Record yourself saying “I AM ENOUGH” for 3 minuets.  Listen to it in the morning when you wake up, a couple times during the day, and before bed for 21 days (with headphones).  If it feels good, continue for 30 days. There will be a shift.   The shift will be greater because it is your own voice.  This won’t cost you a thing and the value is high.  All of our cell phones have a voice recording capabilities, plus there are free apps. Use that. 

Try it.   The only thing you have to lose is a limited belief.

The key to YOUR happiness is inside of YOU.  

The more you desire the truth of your life, the more your chains will shine.  

 As you identify what you don’t want; what you do want will be brighter. 

Seeing thru a new lens of what you do want.

Using what you don’t want as inspiration.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!

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