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Starting the day with intent.

My alarm goes off at 6 am Monday thru Friday.  Saturday and Sunday, I sleep in

Henry, my handsome black cat, promptly jumps on which ever body part he can balance on, asserting his urgency for food at 6:01 am. 

On the weekends he has learned to wait to I open my eyes. 

 In full understanding that his taunts will not prevail.

I have taken to placing my hand on my heart for a few moments with breath to welcome in the day.

After that, I jump up open the blinds to witness the colors of the sunrise; before heading back to bed to meditate.

Next, I drink a glass of lemon water as I wake up with gratitude.

This year I started ending my gratitude practice with intent.

Intent about the state I will live the day in. 

Abraham Hicks says:

‘Each day is a new point of attraction.’

I take that statement to heart.

Each day when I rise, I decide the intent that I will receive the day with.

I love stating to the Universe that 


And journaling ‘I will be a positive vibration in the world.’

Every day I have intent to be a vessel of LOVE.

There is also my consistant intent to be a beacon of kindness, joy and laughter.

There is magic when you state your intentions each morning after a reset. 

A feeling of allowance bubbles to the surface.  

The law of attraction dictates that you attract what you feel.

With that belief haven’t you ever thought?

 “This is going to be a good day I can feel it.

Then have like this epic day.

That thought is intention setting.

Let me share a story that may sway you to play the game of conscious daily intent for minimum 21 days. 

I love setting a intention to be a beacon of nonsense and laughter.

And that is exactly what I did one morning before I went for a walk with my best friend. 

The Universe heard me and delivered. 

On our stroll we happened upon two iguana’s getting it on.  

I mean what are the odds!

Right there in front of the town hall!!!

A couple of folks walked by and didn’t notice.

Even my best friend took a couple of steps and didn’t notice.

Oh! But I did.

I noticed.

I noticed because I had set the intention to see some nonsense.

And my reality is based on my beliefs.   

Photo by author

Thank you for letting me share. 

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!

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