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Flip The Coin On The Perspective.


I listened to a Mind valley Podcast on my bike ride yesterday; the guest was Mary Morrissey. 

It was such a great conversation prompted me to share.

She recanted a story about a conversation she had at a younger age where the statement was ‘everything is made twice’ was introduced.

Goosebumps exploded on my arms as I biked in 80-degree weather.   

‘Everything is made twice’ echoed down deep into my core.

‘Thoughts become things’; so, for every thought, there is another thought to attract something else. 

Another decision.

A different outcome aligning with a different vision.

A positive vision.

A positive outcome.

The words hit me as a peddled on my usual route back to my apartment. 

I hastily, turned down a new street. 

The new street brought the thought:

“What if there are dogs?”

A sprinkle of fear trickles up to my spine. 

Immediately, I shook my head and arms.  

(I must have looked like a spaz.  Lol.)

“Caught ya,” I said.  “We don’t think that way anymore.”

If you met me today, you wouldn’t that I ever had a fear of dogs.  

I am the first person to go wandering off the path in the woods.  

But my parents were both not dog fans.  My mom is very afraid of dogs.  

That fear rubbed off on me for a long time.  

I would frequently affirm my fear with the story of watching my grandmother being attacked by a dog.

Reliving that moment with the eyes of my younger self over and over again with each time the story was told.

I broke that limited belief with the help of roommates and friends with amazing fur babies.  

The rest of my bike ride back to my apartment was pleasant. 

My subconscious is louder now.

I catch those fearful thoughts that no longer servers me.

Flip the coin.

Then respond. 

You know how they say there are 3 sides to every story; I believe that to be very true.

Fear can become a lie.

Truth is freedom.

The perspective is the story.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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