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Has Covid Taught Us Nothing?

Hate is stupid.  Aliens are real. 

I don’t usually pay too much attention to the news but, since I design on Canva and write on Medium #stopasianhate is in my face.

Each time I see it, I shake my head at the utter nonsense of it.

Are there people out there hating on other people aka human against a human?

Aren’t we coming out of a pandemic that infected the ENTIRE WORLD?

Doesn’t anybody remember that the government finally acknowledged the presence of aliens?

And yes! 

 The government has alien technology.

The USA Government acknowledges the power of the brain and has been studying ‘outer body experiences’.

And hell ya!!!

Plant medicine has been validated.

Why can we go to space but not to the bottom of the ocean?…

Pardon me…

I was on a rant lol

The main focus is…

We are not alone in this UNIVERSE!!!

That should be the focus.

If you didn’t know, I am informing you now.

I am not going to quote or leave links to articles because you can Google your favorite publication and find information. I am a firm believer in doing your own research.

Aliens are real.

Contact has been made.

Seeds have been planted.

That’s what the focus should be on.

Not this petty stuff that keeps the focus on the not-so-good side of nonsense.

Hating on another human being is just stupid.

Another perspective is a key to happiness.

It is fun to understand why another person is laughing and smiling.  

To see their perspective on life.

Ever hear of cultural exchanges.

The movie Eurotrip is a testament to that.

Experience is tons of fun.

When you look for different things you will see the difference.

I live in South Florida.  I have found that a common question I always receive is: “Are people are nice here?

For context, I often make reference that I haven’t consistently lived in Florida.  While always affirming that I don’t intend on staying.  

Having this kind of mindset, many a South Florida community has been my home.

Each area has a different vibe and story.

That is why I am frequently asked ‘Do you find that people are nice?’

My answer is always the same.


With adding

It’s all about perspective, right?

“I believe that this is a kind Universe.”

“Do you?”

Taking that answer into consideration and if you agree; hate doesn’t have space in the equation. 

A douche bag comes in every color and gender.

So does a healer, a teacher, and a visionary. 

You will find and can find; the same personality traits in every race.

It’s true.

If  TV has taught us anything, it has taught us that.

Thanks, Netflix.

I wish for humans to remember that.  

Remember we are all ONE.

Our focus should be on remembering that there are aliens out there.

Frequently remind yourself of that.  Believe in the bigger perspective.

Free your mind and you won’t have time to hate.  

You will be too busy surfing in the wave of happiness in those high vibrations.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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