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How’s My Vibe?

Conversations With Lyft Drivers.

A doctors visit prompted me to have 2 different encounters with two amazing Lyft drivers.  

I had been wondering that morning where my vibration was set.  The Universe was quick to respond.

My first interaction was with an amazing dreaded young man dressed in white.  Greeting me with a smile, his vibration was filled with positivity and kindness.

I was compelled to complement him on his glowing presence.

He countered me with a story of a previous passenger who also spoke of his white light.  Then adding that the passenger boosted that she was a psychic. 

That revelation gave him a soar taste.  

Yet, I come immediately enter his vehicle after her exit and recite the same message to him. 

I questioned him to see if he felt like the message was what he was seeking.

He had responded yes and no.

That he doesn’t believe that he is a very lucky person.

That even though he had a roof over his head, a job, was in good health, his life sucked because he did not have the diamonds around his neck.


I pressed to see where his mindset came from. 

The answer “because that is the only way a black man in America can be rich”.

His view on the world is based a material vibration.


He asked me if I also had the same belief.

My response was “I believe the point of my life is to feel good.  That is my priority.”

The driver was surprised by answer.  

I apparently answered a question that he had been pondering for a while.

That yes,  this is a kind Universe. 

The next Lyft driver conversation went another way.

Another delightful young black man picked me up.

His energy was so positive I smiled the entire trip.

We spoke about aliens and friendliness of South Florida.

I am asked a lot if I think people in Florida are nice.

People are kind to me, so my answer is always yes.

I told him I believe that ‘what you put out is what you receive’.

He liked that answer then went into a rant about how other people act.  

All the while, stating that he wanted to inspire others.

That perplexed me.

“How can you want to inspire others while judging how others are living their lives?”

That question made him pause.

I followed up with; has if ever occurred to you to focus on himself?

That by living his best life will be an inspiration to those around him?

He liked that question.

We continued with great conversation until he dropped me at my destination.

I was all a very interesting response to my question to the Universe that morning as to where my vibration was at.  

I chose to see others thru the eyes of my inner being.  Responding to with a vibraton of love not hate.  

Not trying to change others but speak from the inspiration of joy. 

We all can learn from each other when we respond in kindness.

It all starts by focusing on the well being of ourselves.

Now that is the meaning of self love.

I am grateful for my interactions with these strangers.  

After all, living a high vibrational life is the goal.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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