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Not Your Typical Massage

I went for a well overdue massage the other day and was delighted to have my favorite masseuse attend to me. This amusing gentleman is full of entertaining stories about his life.

On this particular day, he chooses to share a very interesting story about his 18-year-old son that I just had to share.

Now, for context, I must inform you (the reader) that I am a black woman, and he is a white guy.

The masseuse’s son works at a popular restaurant chain in suburbia town in Florida.

A new line cook was hired recently and on his first day, this new hire exhibited some racial tendencies. 

The kitchen staff complained to the manager on duty about the inappropriate behavior of this guy as the night went on. The manager finally witnessed this new cook using a racial slur and immediately terminated him. Instructing him to punch out and go. 

The guy did what was asked without incident.

Later on, that evening when the restaurant closed; a dishwasher went outside to throw the garbage away and came across the fired cook.

The guy was standing in the parking lot leaning against his car brandishing a gun.

The employee rushed back inside and reported the incident to management.

The manager phone the local PD. The Police promptly showed up with the town SWAT team. 

All of the remaining employees were instructed to leave the building via the front door since it was understood the disgruntled guy was in the back of the building.

The masseuse’s son was the last employee to leave the building. 

As he exited he heard. 

“M*therf*cker get on the ground!”

It was the police in full gear yelling at him.

Of course, he did as he was told. 

A few minutes pass and they realize that he was not the person they sought.

The man had drove away right before the police came.

So, a couple of days pass, and the masseuse checks in with his son about the accident.

His son appears okay. 

That’s when my favorite masseuse tells his son;

“Now you know what it is like to be a black kid in America.”

I must admit I was speechless after he told me this. Shocked in a good way. 

I admired he took that moment to teach his son such a valuable lesson.

I did ask him if he thought his son was desensitized to the encounter because of all the ‘active shooter drills he has been exposed to.

He pondered and agreed.

The takeaway from that story. 

Times are changing. 

Minds are opening. 

And this masseur has the best stories.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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