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Self-Love Leads to Self-Forgiveness

Self-love is one of the most empowering emotions you can possess.

The more you love yourself, the world opens in a whole new way.

Your perception does shift.


Because as you love yourself more you raise the bar of what you would expect, because of the love you have for yourself.

A reflection in that is forgiveness.

Most of us feel that we need to forgive someone else for what they have done.

When forgiveness is about self.

Our truth is held down when we don’t forgive ourselves.

Self-forgiveness is power.

You cannot control other people’s actions.

The sooner that fact is cemented, the sooner some aspects of stress will be elevated.

Now, I must say that I came to all this self-discovery because I had therapy.

Speaking to someone who has no emotional connection to you is relaxing. 

It is easier to gain trust when you know that they wish for nothing for your success.

So, once again, I am an advocate for therapy.

Thru therapy, I was able to learn about forgiveness.

After my accident, I was mostly angry at myself.

I was convinced that I made it happen.

Then, I went the blame game route.

Eventually, I just surrendered and made peace with where I am.

I still make a conscious effort to do that today.

Surrendering to the NOW; is my light during contrast.

Learning the power of NOW comes with a level of self-love that I had to learn to be conscious of.

I love myself. 

I understand that yes, I may wish for some things to be different, but it doesn’t matter in the present.

I can’t wish for a different past because I love myself NOW.

There just isn’t room in my emotional mind for both perceptions.

I started first with the Ho’oponopono meditation.

The Ho’oponopono mediation is a Hawaiian meditation. It is a mediative state of forgiveness.

It is beautiful and I highly recommend it. 

Although, I cannot tell you if it will satisfy you.

Only you have the power to forgive yourself and level up.

These are only tools for you to focus less on the outside world.

Your inside world will reflect your outside world.

There is a reason meditation encourages you to relax.

Nobody can tell you to forgive yourself.

It is a magical tool that you can utilize.

Start small.

As you end your day, reflect on that day’s events.

Forgive yourself for the small stuff.

It’s okay that you didn’t get it done.

It will be okay that you reacted that way.

Forgiving yourself and celebrating yourself will open your mind to something different.

Which is what we are all striving for.

Something different from the struggle.

A new perspective because you love yourself to what more.

To believe you truly deserve more.

Forgive yourself for not knowing.

Forgive yourself for judging yourself.

Forgive yourself because your journey is your own. 

A fact that nobody can take away from you.

You do not have to keep up with the Jones.

I have learned to forgive myself when it came to my accident.

Once I completely and wholeheartedly forgave myself, my perception shifted. 

I started to focus on what I wanted and not something that I cannot control.

Want to shift the perception?

Forgive yourself.

Love yourself.

For once you open your mind; there is no way to close it.

Thank you for letting me share. 

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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