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Positive Perspective or Negative Perspective?

What is Your Perspective?

‘A belief is a thought you keep thinking?’

-Abraham & Ester Hicks

I would define perspective as the outlook you have on the world. 

For decades I never question my perspective.

I simply reacted to the world. 

Then my perspective switched and I began responding.

First, I began questioning where my perspective came from. 

The answer was my perspective or the way I see the world was shaped from my experiences in life. 

Experiences that gave me a story to tell from the perspective of my beliefs. 

Beliefs that may not be entirely my truth.

Let me ask you a question?

Are you that person who gets mad at the electric bill when you receive it?

Or are you the person who thanks the electric company for providing light?

The more that I learned of the law of attraction, gratitude for my bills became a thing.

It dawned on me that some of my perspective on how the world worked was based off someone’s else experiences. 

Your perspective is also your vibration.

If you consistently see negativity, you are in a low vibrational wave.

High vibrations feel so much better. 

Meditation is a great way to shift.

By consistently clearing your mind, awareness heightens.

That awareness lets you listen to the story you are telling.

Your perspective.

The other night, I caught myself grudgingly turning off the lights in another part of my apartment. 

Leaving on the lights only in the room which I was at. 

I didn’t like that because the lighting in my place is a vibe. 

I caught myself. 

That belief was not my own.

Throughout the years I have lived with people who were always complaining about the electric bill and leaving lights on. 

That belief seemed to be lingering in my subconscious. 

As I became aware of it, I released it. 

I turned back on the lights. 

Thru consistent meditation, I was able to be aware of that tingle of negative emotion because I was doing something I didn’t want to do. 

Life will change very quickly once a positive perspective swift is made.

One of the most interesting tools I used to shift my perspective to a more positive state was writing 55 times for 5 days: 

‘This is a kind Universe’

That kind of repetitive writing is a programming tool.

It also helped me focus on where my negative views of the world really originated.

Understanding perception also, (in my opinion) makes you better in relationships.

When asked for advice or a comment on another’s situation, you can approach it from their perspective, not your own. 

It makes you more honest. 

Thus, giving support from the state of kindness and love. 

We are all beautiful spirits here to have a beautiful human experience. 

Live from a perspective of love and stories full of love will be your perspective.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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