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Joke Provoke a Negative Reaction?

What my reaction to a joke tells me about my vibration.

Seth Rogan made a Covid joke recently which I found funny. 

Some folks thought it was too soon.

Since I am not a personal friend of Seth Rogan, I am removed from any real reaction to what he does. Which poses the question. 

What if it was a good friend that made a Covid joke?

This situation knocked on my door recently. A friend of mine made a joke about covid that honestly made me pause.

 My reaction (in my head) was that my friend was lacking a bit of social awareness.

Immediately, the next thought went to, why am I being so judgmental?

I am a student of the law of attraction. I believe that the observance of my reality is a direct reflection of my vibration.

I am also extremely passionate about seeing every situation from different perspectives.

The fact that I had such a negative reaction to a simple joke made me ask my favorite question to myself:

“Is this true?”

When I ask myself this question it opens my mind up to tune into exactly what I am feeling. It sends me on a course of understanding, not judgment.

‘You can never find the answer in the same energy as the problem.’ — Abraham Hicks

The first question came to mind:

· Am I trying to control my friend’s behavior?

Answer: Yes.

My friends are the kind people in the world. So, the real asshole here is me.

 I am taking a joking way too seriously. This means I am in a serious mindset

The next statement that came to mind is a quote from Abraham Hicks.

‘There is nothing serious going on here.’

Things are changing for me quickly. I am enjoying the unfolding yet, like most of us, I harbor some impaitence. 

This situation sang the phrase ‘trust the process’, extrememly loudly. 

Subconsciously I have been associating what is happening now to an event in the past.

All these conclusions happened in real-time. 

I paused by taking some deep breaths and didn’t immediately respond in a negative tone to my friend whom was just making a joke.

I am grateful that I have the emotional intelligence to realize that all of my reactions are in my control.

The only person’s behavior I should be trying to control is my own.

And that’s what I did.

This situation also reminded me of my intent into all the relationships take part in, which is (with gratitude) an honor to be a witness to another’s life.

Full circle I was grateful for that joke.

Even made a random pandemic joke a bit later in the day.

I had been unaware that I have been paddling around in the lake of stress.

It felt good to lighten up.

It is my inner world that controls my reality. 

I was pleased I was aware of the lesson.

The Universe has my back.

And that guidance comes in the most surprising ways.

I am grateful that I am open to receive it.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.


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