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Your Expectations Are All Around You.

‘Your results show what you are expecting.’- Anonymous

The above comment stopped me in my tracks. It was a Monday morning, by habit I was playing YouTube videos while stretching. I had finished an Abraham Hicks video when YouTube rolled into a digital short. A voice flowed throughout the airways and said ‘Your Results show what you are expecting.’ Because I was a mid-stretch I was unable to catch whom this bit of wisdom came from. I did however, followed his instruction and observed my surroundings. 

That small piece of advice brought my expectations to the front of my mind.

Yes. I am in the exact apartment that I expected to be in.

Each morning I wake up and say: “I AM READY FOR MAGIC!!!”

That micro habit is my way of expecting magic during the day. It works. Each day magic does appear in my life. 

Most of us look for a grand gesture to believe in magic. Not I. I understand that magic comes in many forms. 

For example, there have been moments when I have a frown on my face and a random person will come by and smile at me. That is magical to me. A small reminder of how blessed I am.

I started doing the opposite of what I learned at a young age. Growing up there was a very extreme religious presence around me. Those religious views heavily relied on the “you shall die.” There was not much talk of living a happy life.

My rebellion from that mindset was, ‘if I am going to die might as well die with a smile on my face.’ 

That was my expectation. I wasn’t expecting a future of happiness.

Thankfully, I have never lost my sense of wonderment and adventure and learned a few things.

Plus! Alignment with purpose is pure freedom.

Take a look around now with the question ‘Is my life meeting my expectations?’

If the answer is no. That’s ok. Great in fact. Now you know.

‘Knowing is half the battle’ -GI Joe

The expectation of your life is all around you.

Expectations I believe are attached to self-love.

The level of self-love is evident in your attire, your home, the food you put in your mouth.

The more you love yourself, the more you expect good to come into your life. Because you believe you deserve it.

You are worthy.

As your expectations come to light your resistance shows.

Which is awesome.

Discovering resistance opens opportunities to grow.

The next time things are going down a random road take a breath and adjust your expectations.

A different path will light up ahead.

‘Expectation combines desire and belief’- Abraham Hicks

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

*Feature picture is by Darius Bashar on Unsplash


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