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Flip The Coin On The Perspective.

  I listened to a Mind valley Podcast on my bike ride yesterday; the guest was Mary Morrissey.  It was such a great conversation prompted me to share. She recanted a story about a conversation she had at a younger age where the statement was ‘everything is made twice’ was introduced. Goosebumps exploded on myContinue reading “Flip The Coin On The Perspective.”

The reason to keep a gratitude journal.

My friend and I were discussing the benefits of writing gratitude.  My explanation was because writing reaches the subconscious.   The act of putting words to paper (in my opinion) makes you focus more on what you are writing.  Plus, as you write it you feel it more. Okay, that’s my theory.  I had heard it whenContinue reading “The reason to keep a gratitude journal.”