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The clouds never last long.

How doing the shadow work improved my well being.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

I am sitting in my chair barely able to move 2 days ‘over did it’ while exercising.   Muscle memory is real folks!  I was having so much fun that; my body went back to the 2015.  My 2021 body needs multiple days recovery time.  A couple of months ago I would be beating myself up.Continue reading “Sometimes you just gotta laugh.”

A thought about hypnosis.

A wellness check with my doctor took an interesting turn the other day.   He had noticed my positive attitude and wondered how I maintained a positive mindset while dealing with pain. My response was that “your mindset has a huge impact on your recovery.” The second statement out of my mouth was a ‘shout out’Continue reading “A thought about hypnosis.”

Can procrastination actually be regarded as a positive?

The questions that opened a new perspective regarding the emotion of procrastination for me.   Lunch with my best friend took an interesting turn the other day as we dived into a conversation about procrastination. She had made a comment of how bad of a procrastinator she is.    That comment lead me to ask her ifContinue reading “Can procrastination actually be regarded as a positive?”

Want to know the secret answer to all your problems?

Bold statement I made with that headline, right? Keep reading and let me present to you a different way to approach manifestations. Ready? The secret is problems are part of the human experience. Everyone has problems. That’s it.   Most of us try and manifest things because we think that ‘thing’ will make all of ourContinue reading “Want to know the secret answer to all your problems?”

The magic of mindfulness.

Your thoughts determine your well-being. Mindfulness!  Mindfulness! Mindfulness! That word is everywhere, but what exactly does it mean? A quick Google search brings up a lot of answers.   I liked this answer: “A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, usedContinue reading “The magic of mindfulness.”

Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?

I did Tony’s Robbins 5-day free challenge last week and my mind is blown.   I mean… yes, I have heard that his events have done tremendous transformations. He coaches Serena Williams, Michael Jordon and even Oprah has gone to his events.   But, I free challenge… let’s just say my expectations were not very high.  IContinue reading “Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?”

20 motivation quotes for a positive mind shift.

I love motivational and inspirational quotes.  Especially those words that make you pause.   There is also that glorious feeling when it clicks that the sentence you just heard was a message for you.  My all time favorite quote is the one that; ignites that fire and you can’t help but get moving. And for thatContinue reading “20 motivation quotes for a positive mind shift.”

Emotions are your guidance system.

Your mood is controlled by your emotions. Are you aware that your mood is controlled by emotions? Of course, everyone is aware of that fact.   You know that if you’re in a bad mood it is most likely because you are having a negative thought. There is a catch.  You have to be aware that youContinue reading “Emotions are your guidance system.”

2021 The Age of Aquarius.

After the great conjunction that took place on December 21, 2020; many has predicted that there will be an energy shift on Earth.   The Age of Aquarius. A more positive energy has engulfed the earth. Some are calling it 5G.   Whatever the name for is I am excited and am embracing it.  The age ofContinue reading “2021 The Age of Aquarius.”