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Positive Perspective or Negative Perspective?

What is Your Perspective? ‘A belief is a thought you keep thinking?’ -Abraham & Ester Hicks I would define perspective as the outlook you have on the world.  For decades I never question my perspective. I simply reacted to the world.  Then my perspective switched and I began responding. First, I began questioning where myContinue reading “Positive Perspective or Negative Perspective?”

Is the voice in your head yours?

Subconscious programming is real. We are all programmed.  Bruce H. Lipton PHD gave me a good perspective for identify subconscious programming. “So, if people want to know what their programs are, I say what in your life comes easily to you is there because you have programs to support that.  Anything that you struggle to getContinue reading “Is the voice in your head yours?”

How to tip the scale towards positive when life comes fast and hard.

“A positive attitude is the pathway to the abundance that you seek.” -Abraham  Every positive person has contrast (contrast is a negative vibration that you notice). From the person that also hit you after running a light.  Or not having the extra money to splurge on Postmates for that Popeye’s chicken sandwich’ on your cheat day.Continue reading “How to tip the scale towards positive when life comes fast and hard.”