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Self-Love Leads to Self-Forgiveness

Self-love is one of the most empowering emotions you can possess. The more you love yourself, the world opens in a whole new way. Your perception does shift. Why? Because as you love yourself more you raise the bar of what you would expect, because of the love you have for yourself. A reflection inContinue reading “Self-Love Leads to Self-Forgiveness”

Let’s Sing!

The thing about singing is… It’s just fabulous.  “He who sings scares away his woes.” – Miguel De Cervantes  Regardless, if you can carry a tune or be horrific at the tone, doesn’t matter.  Singing is sweet relief for every single human. Every single religion at its core has sung in its practice. Crazy right.Continue reading “Let’s Sing!”

How a solo traveling brought me back to me.

2019 was very interesting to me. I had finally recovered from injuries from a car accident.  My roommate and best friend had decided to settle down and buy a house.  I wasn’t there yet. I had some decisions to make about my future; which was hazy.   The accident pushed me off a trajectory that I thoughtContinue reading “How a solo traveling brought me back to me.”

The future out loud.

My story of how the simple act of announcing my future brought me joy and confidence. Yesterday was an awesome day.  A cold front has brought lower temperatures to South Florida giving me more reason to go outside.  It wasn’t just the beautiful weather that sparks joy in my heart.  Nope.   My best friend and I did somethingContinue reading “The future out loud.”

Breaking up with your old life.

It is ok to not be satisfied.  Humans are made to be curious.  I love the feeling of achievement.  It is impowering. Yet, it can feel super weird sometimes.  All because change sometimes comes with a sense of guilt.   Guilt that you feel as you start to back away from things, people or places that noContinue reading “Breaking up with your old life.”

The best act of kindness to give is to oneself.

In a world that tells you to move.  The best act of kindness to give is to oneself and slow down. The funny thing about life is that when you understand your purpose. When you finally figure out what the hell you want.  You want it to come now.  You don’t understand (at first); that it is allContinue reading “The best act of kindness to give is to oneself.”