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Joke Provoke a Negative Reaction?

What my reaction to a joke tells me about my vibration. Seth Rogan made a Covid joke recently which I found funny.  Some folks thought it was too soon. Since I am not a personal friend of Seth Rogan, I am removed from any real reaction to what he does. Which poses the question.  WhatContinue reading “Joke Provoke a Negative Reaction?”

What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?

When we think of space, the collective response is to reference space in terms of what we see.  The physical identity of space.  There are many books and shows about how to declutter and feng shui your space to help you grow. Yet have you ever stopped and thought about the space in your mind?Continue reading “What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?”

Not Your Typical Massage

I went for a well overdue massage the other day and was delighted to have my favorite masseuse attend to me. This amusing gentleman is full of entertaining stories about his life. On this particular day, he chooses to share a very interesting story about his 18-year-old son that I just had to share. Now,Continue reading “Not Your Typical Massage”

How’s My Vibe?

Conversations With Lyft Drivers. A doctors visit prompted me to have 2 different encounters with two amazing Lyft drivers.   I had been wondering that morning where my vibration was set.  The Universe was quick to respond. My first interaction was with an amazing dreaded young man dressed in white.  Greeting me with a smile, his vibration wasContinue reading “How’s My Vibe?”

There Is Peace In Minding Your Own Business

My favorite response to someone questioning my motives for not gossiping is ‘not my story to tell’.Stops those yappy gums right in their tracks. I have never felt the need to repeat other peoples’ news (especially bad news).There are exceptions.One being, if it is in your best interests to do so.Also, if it will saveContinue reading “There Is Peace In Minding Your Own Business”

Flip The Coin On The Perspective.

  I listened to a Mind valley Podcast on my bike ride yesterday; the guest was Mary Morrissey.  It was such a great conversation prompted me to share. She recanted a story about a conversation she had at a younger age where the statement was ‘everything is made twice’ was introduced. Goosebumps exploded on myContinue reading “Flip The Coin On The Perspective.”