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What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?

When we think of space, the collective response is to reference space in terms of what we see.  The physical identity of space.  There are many books and shows about how to declutter and feng shui your space to help you grow. Yet have you ever stopped and thought about the space in your mind?Continue reading “What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?”

The best act of kindness to give is to oneself.

In a world that tells you to move.  The best act of kindness to give is to oneself and slow down. The funny thing about life is that when you understand your purpose. When you finally figure out what the hell you want.  You want it to come now.  You don’t understand (at first); that it is allContinue reading “The best act of kindness to give is to oneself.”

It’s all about the smile.

I am that person you see walking down the street bouncing my head to the music in my ears with a big ole smile. (behind the mask ofcourse) I was never self conscious about my joy as the music put pep in my step. Just like I am never afraid to smile when I amContinue reading “It’s all about the smile.”

The Art of Scripting

If you are in the law of attraction world then you might of heard about scripting. If you haven’t; well then…let me give you the cliff notes. Scripting is writing/journaling is speaking and writing what you want to manifest ‘as if’ you already have it. With the most important component, GRATITUDE. ✨ The words youContinue reading “The Art of Scripting”

Another day. Another decision.

Hi Friends! With each new day brings a new opprunity to raise your vibration. And as always…it all starts with a decision. How about deciding not to doubt yourself? The inclination is there. I know this because your instinct is leading you to consume information on creating a better life. With that being said; whyContinue reading “Another day. Another decision.”