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Clues your vibration is raising.

Want to check in with your vibration.Take note of how animals and random people approach you. I often wondered in my personal development journey if my vibration was rising.I mean, I was feeling good. Yet. Is my kindness vibe radiating to the world? The answer came from animals. Dogs to be more specific.Weird right. Actually,Continue reading “Clues your vibration is raising.”

It’s all about the smile.

I am that person you see walking down the street bouncing my head to the music in my ears with a big ole smile. (behind the mask ofcourse) I was never self conscious about my joy as the music put pep in my step. Just like I am never afraid to smile when I amContinue reading “It’s all about the smile.”

Shout out to Mel Robbins!

My introduction to Mel Robbins was on YouTube. Her video popped up because of all the ‘Law of Attraction’ videos I am constantly consuming. High five to the YouTube algorithm! You got it right! The first video that struck a note with me is 54321 method.Sounds silly right?How could a countdown improve my life?And howContinue reading “Shout out to Mel Robbins!”

It all starts with a decision.

The thing about decisions is that most are made subconsciously. We take the same route to work each day. We decide that if we stay in bed past a certain time on a non-work day we are being lazy. We decide to be negative or to be a positive person. The way we view lifeContinue reading “It all starts with a decision.”

Raise your vibe in 21 days!

Find it it on Google Play: Find the ebook on Amazon: Find the ebook on Barnesandnoble: This blog is an expansion on our ebook. During those dark days keeping a positive mindset was paramount. With the understanding that ‘there can not be light with out dark’. Our person development journey the discoveryContinue reading “Raise your vibe in 21 days!”